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It has long been established that housekeeping services play an imperative role in the lives of millions of people around the globe.

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Ahh… the sigh of relief when coming home to a freshly cleaned home with natural products. Forget the itchy skin, the gross cleaner smell, and the sticky residue.

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While it may not be your first thought for a deep clean, since we spend over a third of each day at our offices, commercial cleaning is a must to keep your space free and clear of allergens, dirt, and grime. Aside from the numerous health benefits, businesses see a reduction in business the more dirty that they allow themselves to become. It doesn’t even have to be excessively dirty to see reduced sales. With commercial however, your business can remain the epitome of the market and enjoy happier clients, and a cleaner environment.

For the benefit of our corporate customers, we offer a wide variety of services so no matter the type of business that you operate you can have a thorough natural cleaning from an established and trusted cleaning company in the Spokane region. We currently offer natural products cleaning for:

  • Offices;
  • Restaurants;
  • Storefronts;
  • Retail spaces;
  • Gyms;
  • Educational buildings;
  • Remodels/Post-construction.

Do It Yourself or Live Clean Today

Natural office cleaning


Given the high foot traffic across historically carpeted floors, offices track in an impressive amount of dirt and grime. Help keep them clean like the day you rented or bought your space with professional natural office cleaning.


Because restaurant cleaning is no one’s favorite job, it typically goes underperformed, which is not only dangerous, but also unsanitary. Increased dust, dirt, grease, and food particles can all contribute to rodents and even increase the risk of kitchen fires. Not to mention a dirty restaurant will always suffer in sales. To keep your restaurant looking its best and operating safely, use professional restaurant cleaning services daily.


Since it’s the window to your establishment, a dirty storefront gives the impression of a dirty business. Professional cleaning can help resolve that issue and free up your employees’time for more important tasks.

Retail Spaces

Retail spaces have a large amount of foot traffic and oftentimes, the products inside the store can begin to reflect the dirty environment people bring inside. To prevent this from accumulating, use a professional cleaning crew to vacuum and dust off shelves to keep your store in pristine condition.


Gyms are breeding grounds for bacteria due to the high heat generated when people work out and sweat that gets on everything. Regular disinfecting and vacuuming is critical for overall cleanliness.

Educational buildings

With a cleaning that involves disinfecting door handles, desks, and cleaning off chalkboards, as well as vacuuming, educational buildings that house students of all ages can help prevent the spread of diseases and remain smelling clean.

House cleaning


Remodeling kicks up excessive amounts of dust and can trigger allergens and people’s asthma. If you are going to be showing off a location, having a clean area is vital to the success of your remodel. Trust the company with years of house cleaning experience to clean up after remodels.


We have been so happy with Live Clean Today. They have done an excellent job for us the past 4 1/2 y...  continue
Monday, 05 January 2015
These guys and girls do a fantastic job for us! We proudly recommend Live Clean for all your cleanin...  continue
Tuesday, 23 December 2014

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