Carpet Cleaning Spokane

Carpet Cleaning Spokane

There are a wide variety of carpet cleaning methods in use today. Hot-water extraction is the traditional method of carpet cleaning Spokane. In this method, commonly known as steam cleaning, hot water is sprayed onto the carpet with additional cleaning solutions. At the same time, the water is sucked back up along with any dirt or debris. Many carpet manufacturers recommend hot-water extraction as the most effective method of carpet cleaning.

Before hot-water extraction, the carpet is pre-conditioned with an alkaline or acidic solution depending on the type of carpet being treated. This solution is worked into the carpet with a brush or an automatic scrubbing machine. Following this process, another cleaning tool is used to remove the pre-conditioner prior to using the extractor. If alkaline agents were used, an acidic solution will be applied to restore fiber pH. The hot-water extraction method uses significantly more water than other carpet cleaning methods such as bonnet or shampoo cleaning. In order to allow for a thorough drying process, it is important to ensure that proper techniques are used. These include fans, central air and outdoor ventilation.

Older carpets and loose rugs with natural foundation yarns may shrink after a wet treatment. If you have these, you may choose to opt for a different cleaning procedure.

Dry-cleaning requires very little moisture to complete. The process often requires the use of harmful chemicals to get the job done. We never use anything toxic in our carpet cleaning processes.

Wet shampoo cleaning is another method used with a rotary machine. This process works best if it is followed by steam cleaning or hot-water extraction. This method puts a lot of water into the carpet itself and may require up to 24 hours minimum drying time.

If you are interested in carpet cleaning Spokane, we will first vacuum to remove any loose dirt and debris. We will then thoroughly clean your carpets for you to give you a fresh-smelling home.

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