Water-Damage Cleanup

Water damage can occur in many different ways, from flooding and storm damage to an overflowing toilet. When water damage occurs, it is important to remove the water as soon as possible to prevent structural damage to your home. Water-damage cleanup by Live Clean Today will help you get things back on track again. When you have had water intrusion, call in the professionals as soon as possible to decrease any potential damage to your living space.

Storm Damage
Heavy rainfall such as that caused by a hurricane or tropical storm can be devastating to many homes and businesses. The foundations of any building are put to the test during heavy rainfall conditions. Water can become an extremely destructive force when combined with storm conditions. If your property has been affected by water during a tornado, blizzard or hurricane, call Live Clean Today for effective water-damage cleanup.

Flooded Basement
Basements are like magnets for any water that might enter your home. A single crack in the foundation is sufficient to permit the entrance of enough water to flood your basement. We at Live Clean Today are trained to perform water-damage cleanup quickly, minimizing harm to your property and preserving your possessions.

Sewer Backups
Because raw sewage contains harmful bacteria, it is important to treat a sewage backup like an emergency. Graywater or blackwater contamination can cause serious illness or infection, especially in the young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. The experienced technicians at Live Clean Today will inspect your property for any signs of contamination and will perform water-damage cleanup.

Overflowing Appliances and Broken Pipes
Dishwashers leak, toilets and tubs overflow, pipes break. When any of these scenarios take place, you will need to act quickly. Water that collects on the floor of your home will quickly make its way inside all the cracks and crevices. To prevent wood damage and mold growth, call Live Clean Today as soon as possible to handle the problem.

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