Wherever there are children learning, people working, families eating and shoppers shopping, there are also people who have to ensure everything is kept clean. When it comes to offices, schools, churches, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities, cleaning commercial janitorial services, tend to be the ones who have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to get the job done right.

What is covered by commercial janitorial services?

Janitors who work with commercial clients have to work on a very wide range of projects. These projects might include; creating a maintenance schedule, routine building repairs, window washing, floor cleaning, arranging electrical safety tests for electrical units, garden maintenance, car park maintenance, dealing with hazardous waste, removing rubbish, and helping to ensure that the companies that they work for following local recycling guidelines.

Commercial janitorial services companies normally deal with repairs, maintenance and cleaning services at offices, warehouses, call centers and other types of workplaces. They understand local health and safety regulations so that they can make sure that the area that they are working on meets all of the local health and safety and cleanliness regulations. The challenges that they face are actually very different from those that are faced by janitors who work on residential properties. Because of these difference, it is very important that commercial services are well-trained with a slightly different skill set than those of their residential counterparts.

Why choose commercial janitorial services?

Opening a business can be potentially profitable, but it can also bring with it some unique challenges. Although the success rate is statistically lower for restaurants than for many other types of businesses, a restaurant owner who keeps a close eye on the bottom line has a good chance of making a go of it. One crucial element of your business success is finding a cost-effective commercial cleaning service. Many people expect to be sparkling clean and will often go elsewhere if there are any issues with cleanliness.

  • The dull and dusty windows. Office Windows are made of transparent glass so that we can look out and enjoy the outdoors, even when we are sitting at a desk. It is especially nice to see flowers blooming and birds happily flying around. If the windows in the office space are covered in finger smudges, pollen, dirt, and splatters, then now is the time to clean these windows to a sparkling shine (on the inside and the out) and bring some of that sunshine in! Experienced commercial janitorial services know exactly how to clean your windows to a brilliant luster and sparkle professionally.
  • The stained carpets. If you’re floors are carpeted in your work space, you are aware of the wear or tear, especially in heavily trafficked areas. Added to that are food and drink stains and you have yourself a floor that is anything but presentable to your customers. Not only will your carpet look like new again, but it will also freshen up the smell of your office. Your janitorial service can tackle this job with ease and efficiency with one simple phone call.
  • Window ledges and Dusty baseboards. These are dusting jobs that most people typically ignore around our own homes, so why would we do them at work? The truth is that dust builds up in these areas, especially when you add tons of copier paper and documents to the mix. These surfaces may not be noticeably dirty by your clientele, but they need to be thoroughly cleaned a few times a year, at the very least. Your friendly commercial cleaning company is ready for the job!
  • Ingrained odors. This could be located, but as much time as you spend at work, you know exactly where these odors lurk in your particular office. It could be that weird smell in the kitchenette that nobody can get to go away. It may be a section of the tile in the restrooms that have been ignored for way too long. Commercial janitorial services can get rid of these odors. The areas that tend to smell are the parts of our office that get used the most. The good news is that setting up a cleaning plan will allow the janitor service to maintain these areas so that odors will stay gone for good.

Start making of list of all of the areas in your office that need some attention and then call commercial janitorial services. They will gladly go over what services they offer and set up a plan with you that can be adjusted whenever your needs change. Discuss with the experts what you want to be cleaned and when you need them to start. Hire a professional cleaning company to help your office space shine.

How to hire commercial janitorial services?

When you begin to interview companies to provide the cleaning services for your offices, you will go to their offices and set down with a representative. They will ask about the size of your business, the number of employees you have and the nature of your business. The representative will then ask you what services you require the most, and what extra services you might require periodically.

Many companies do not allow professional cleaners to clean the areas around desks, and insensitive production areas. These companies have their own employees do the cleaning in these areas to protect the privacy of the equipment they are working on and to protect their equipment.

Almost all companies have professional cleaning services clean the waiting areas where customers sit. These areas are generally cleaned and sanitized to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases within the workplace environment. One person with a common cold can infect several people and cost the company a lot of money because their employees are absent from work.

Once the representative has all of this information, they will be able to offer you a package price on the cleaning services. There are some tasks that you will want to have done on a daily basis, some you will want to be done on a weekly basis, and some services you will only need to have done on a monthly basis.

Some of the services these companies provide are done only three or four times a year. These are usually services like carpet cleaning and the waxing of tiled floors, and the cleaning of the draperies. You can choose what time periods you want to elapse between your cleanings and set the schedule to keep the work done.

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