Obviously, when most people are considering moving out of a home or remodeling, hiring a construction cleanup service company is the last thing in their minds. What most people are worried about when remodeling or moving out is the stress they are likely to experience when moving items to their new home and the effort required during renovation. Well, hold on. There is a lot more than that.

Think of the incredible mess that the construction company you hired is likely to leave behind once they clear out. Who will get the mess cleared? Well, that’s where hiring a professional construction cleanup service provider comes in. A construction cleanup company, such as the live clean today company, will help you take care of the job, giving you an opportunity to attend to other matters sooner rather than later.

Types of Construction Cleanup Services

There are three major types of construction cleaning services that a company can offer.

  • Phase – Before the remodeling or construction process commences, it’s vital to have the area cleaned, especially if there were any demolitions done. Don’t let any dirt or debris form the foundation of your new home. Get a professional to phase clean your home as you prepare it to be worked on. Phase cleaning can also be done in between a construction process or project.
  • Rough – Before sheetrock connections are done to any remodeling or new project, rough cleanings must be done if the homeowner had done any electrical or plumbing installations. This cleaning is done to prepare the area for the next stage of workforces such as cubicle installations or painters.
  • Post – Just as the name infers, post construction service is done after the whole construction process has been completed to make your home safely usable. Before you move in with family and friends into your new house, you need the space safe, clean and attractive. That’s why it’s important to hire our construction company to ensure that your new house is eye-catching, spotless and secure without spending too much money on the whole process.
  • Power washing – Power washing of windows, exteriors and loading docks or parking lots gets rid of any debris, dirt and other problematic outdoor matters. It’s the best way to take care of your exterior space and freshening it up after the construction process is complete. Power washing is basically done on decks, windows, glass, gutters, sidewalks, garages, patios, awnings, doors, alcoves, machinery as well as on architectural elements.

What is the difference between janitorial services and construction cleanup service?

While janitorial services are structured to have your place cleaned recurrently for your day-to-day tasks, construction cleanup is designed specifically for short-term projects. Janitorial service providers concentrate more on dusting, bathroom sanitation as well as trash removal. Construction cleanup, on the other hand, majorly focus on debris and dust removal especially on windows, in corners, scuffs, and flat services, construction debris, stickers and safety issues.

Advantages of construction cleanup service

Here are some advantages of hiring a renowned professional cleanup service provider to get the job done for you.

Professional construction cleanup is a time saver

Hiring your employees to handle the construction mess will not get the work perfectly done. Not only will the amateur cleaners spend a lot of time clearing the construction-related clutter, but their day-to-day tasks will have no one to tackle. Your clients will also experience some delays in terms of work delivery and this can lead to unwarranted disputes and in extreme situations lead to revenue loss.

Live clean today is a reputable company that can do the cleaning efficiently and fast. We can actually handle the cleaning processes as construction is ongoing, making sure that your home or place of business is up and running immediately after the renovations, with no grime at all. Rather than unnecessarily entreating your employee to tidy up the place after renovations, you can hire our dependable company to clean up the place and keep it looking at its best.

Construction cleanup service ensures that the cleaning process is safe

There are loads of dangerous objects used during the construction process. Most homeowners are in a rush to get settled into their new home and a rushed clean up can be risky. Conducting a safe cleanup is paramount for every homeowner who intends to avoid any unnecessary wounds that can cost him lawsuits or even death in the event that they are severe.

Instead of exposing your workers or even family members to such hazards, hire a professional construction cleanup company to get the job done properly. At live clean today we have all the heavy duty equipment required to get rid of all the post-construction junk in your home. We have a safety track record and our employees are highly trained for the job.

Letting amateurs to do the cleanup can also be a threat to their health. The most experienced issue in any construction site is dust. If dust is not carefully handled, it can lead to respiratory problems. The stringent chemicals used to clean hardwoods, tile flooring or even the carpets after the construction process has been completed is a potential root of breathing process. The quality of air and your flooring can also be damaged if the work is left to unqualified personnel.

Construction cleanup service is cheap

Engaging live clean today construction cleanup company will not only guarantee a job perfectly done but also cheaply. When you look at the time spent to do the cleanup and the dangers involved, its fiscally essential to engage a professional to help you out with the whole construction cleanup process.

Why live up today construction cleanup service provider?

The whole construction cleaning service process starts with a three-sixty-degree home audit and quote from a renowned construction cleaning company. At live up today construction cleaning company, we help homeowners and business people to meet their cleanliness and safety objectives. Using our superlative equipment, materials and qualified personnel, we are set to take care of your need for professional construction cleanup services. We have a proven track of record over years.

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