Today choosing the type of material for flooring, homeowners prefer laminate flooring due to its durability, strength and affordability. However, keeping your laminate flooring in their pristine condition requires a bit of maintenance.

If you want to prolong the life your laminate flooring, a proper cleaning is what you need. Be very careful about spills to prevent unrepairable water damage. If you will dust the surface of your flooring regularly, you can avoid marks and scratches. Use only special cleaning products that include ingredients without any harm to your laminate floors.

Here you can find our top recommendations on how to maintain a laminate floor.

Try to Clean Your Laminate Flooring Regularly

Laminate flooring requires a regular cleaning if you want to have it always in a pristine condition. Avoid using of many cleaning products especially those that consist of common ingredients for cleaning houses. We recommend you to provide biweekly or weekly cleaning and a thorough cleaning every month.

It is very important to know how to clean laminate floors properly:


To prevent scratches on your laminate flooring, practice dry mopping of your floors. Homeowners prefer to use a special equipment like a wide microfiber broom head for collecting debris on the floor.

Benefits of dry mopping:

  • It helps to prevent scratches reducing the chances of that dirt to smash into the surface of the laminate.
  • The main step before a thorough cleaning is dry mopping laminate floors. The dirt particles can move like sandpaper for your flooring.


The best equipment to clean your laminate floors in unreachable areas is a vacuum. A good way to reach these areas is using attachments. These tools help to clean hard surfaces like a laminate floor. They can catch any particles that are missed by the sucking of the vacuum itself. In addition, you can use robotic vacuums that will be useful in manual cleaning.

➢Using Gentle Cleansers

Use gentle cleaning solutions for laminate floors to clean dirty areas, and wipe with a dry, absorbent cloth.

If you want to know how to maintain laminate flooring with a gentle cleaner – take 1 part of rubbing alcohol then add 3 parts of water with a squirt of dish soap and apply it using a dampened towel.

To wash the entire floor, the best thing for cleaning laminate floors is do it by hand using a damp cloth with cleanser. Remember you can prevent water damage with a dry, absorbent cloth.

Do a Monthly Thorough Cleaning

Before doing a thorough caring for wood laminate floors, remove any dirt or debris that can scratch the surface during the cleaning process.

When homeowners have children, you can pay attention that their laminate floors are dull and streaky. In such situations, it is near impossible to maintain laminate floors on a regular basis. Such stains as juice, mud or crayon can be on your flooring.

Most stains can be removed with a damp towel and mild soap but stubborn stains can be cleaned with a special cleaning product for laminate floors.

No-shoe policy at home

Dirt and debris from outside can damage you laminate floors. If you want your family and friends know how to maintain laminate flooring – offer a no-shoe policy at home. You can place a shoe rack right inside your home and a welcome mat outside so your guests and household members can wipe their shoes before entering the house.

Try to avoid heels on your laminate floors because it can leave scuff mark behind. When such situation occurs, we recommend using melamine foam.  It includes an active ingredient that digs deep into stains and remove them.

Remove any spills straight away

The best way to keep your laminate flooring in a good condition is to remove any spills straight away. With sweeping and vacuuming you can remove crumbs, and wiping with a dry cloth you can clean any spills.

Soak liquid spills with a paper towel, or use a damp cloth to remove solids. Then clean it with a special cleaning solution and wipe with a dry cloth.

Remember, that excess moisture can damage your laminate floors. Such liquids as water will soak into the joints between planks that can lead to the warping of your laminate flooring. Clean any moisture as soon as possible if you want to keep your laminate flooring in a good condition in the long run.

Recommendations To Keep Laminate Flooring From Harm

It is not hard to clean and keep your laminate flooring in a good condition. With the best recommendations, you can really be good at caring for wood laminate floors and keep it looking shine.

  • Remember that water can damage laminate so try to wipe up liquids immediately.
  • When you move your furniture, lift it if you want to avoid scratching the surface of the laminate flooring. In addition, you can place something soft under your furniture not to destroy your floor.
  • If your laminate flooring is damaged, make repairs in time. You can buy a repair kit that helps you to deal with scratches. It is better than replace your flooring all together.

Laminate flooring is durable and aesthetic. To maintain the shine requires a regular cleaning of your laminate flooring.  A good caring for laminate floor ensures it looks new for longer. If you have laminate flooring, contact us and get some advice from our specialists at Live Clean Today.

Recommendations to Avoid Damaging Laminate

When you know how to keep laminate floors clean, you should follow the requirements when you clean laminate floors. Here you can find some rules if you don’t want to damage the surface of laminate flooring.

  • Steam cleaner is a bad option in cleaning laminate because the heat and moisture will lead to the damage it over time.
  • A wet cloth is not a good option for cleaning the floors
  • Don’t use cleaning products that produce a shine because it is difficult to remove the waxy buildup.
  • Avoid wood cleansers – they can leave residue on the surface.
  • Remember that brooms can lead to surface wear because of leaving particles behind. Better to use a soft microfiber mop instead of it.
  • Avoid using a high concentration of vinegar when cleaning the surface of laminate because it can split your laminate flooring.
  • Don’t use sponges that can scratch your floor. Even baking soda can damage laminate floors.

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