On the market, you can find different cleaning products such as eco-friendly or non-toxic. We’ve tried most of them and we want to recommend you our favorite one – vinegar. Why do we recommend you it? Vinegar is a great and not expensive cleaning product that helps keep your home sparkling, so you can use vinegar for cleaning bathroom.

People prefer to buy a good all-purpose cleaning product, but you don’t know what it is exactly in that bottle. That’s why the best universal cleaner is vinegar. We use it because it’s safe for our kids, for our pets, and for ourselves and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. We can tell you for sure that vinegar is affordable, efficient, reliable, and such a hard worker.

Vinegar includes such ingredient as acetic acid and is used to kill some common germs (E. coli and salmonella). However, if you want to remove all germs it is better to use with antibacterial soap and water.

Homeowners can use vinegar for most household cleaning chores such as mopping floors, wiping down surfaces or cleaning bathroom with vinegar. You can use vinegar to complete many of your home cleaning chores, especially when you are short on cleaning supplies.

We offer you many ways to use vinegar as a product cleaning for your kitchen and bathroom.

How to clean your microwave?

When your microwave is dirty, with sauces splatter and liquids spills, and maybe you think that it could be difficult to clean it. To soften the mess, we recommend you to use kitchen cleaner, vinegar and combine equal parts water and vinegar in a glass bowl. Heat it for five minutes, it will help loosen any gunk with the steam. Open the door and wipe clean inside.

How to clean your microwave: use 2 c. water with 2 Tbs. white vinegar; heat it in a safe dish, wipe with a sponge, then dry with a dishtowel.

How to clean shower doors?

When your showers doors are dirty, it is difficult to have a shower and feel clean. However, when you know how to clean bathroom with vinegar it wouldn’t be a difficult chore for you.

So what you need for it – use a spray bottle, combine equal parts dish soap with vinegar. Sprinkle the mixture on the walls, door, and floor. Don’t worry that the mixture can running down into the drain immediately because it has the gel consistency of the dish soap. Leave this solution for an hour, and then use a sponge and warm water to clean shower doors.

How to clean toilets?

If you want to clean your toilet like a professional, you need to know some tips how to clean the bathroom with vinegar. Even if you think that your toilet is not dirty, you can notice some rings from the hard water build-up. To clean it properly, mix vinegar, dish soap with Epsom salts, shake it and leave for 60 minutes. Then scrub this mixture with a brush. In addition, the last step is flush it away and your toilet will become spotless.

How to clean garbage disposal?

When you know how to use vinegar cleaner for bathroom, pay attention to garbage disposal. As it is considered as one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen, don’t forget to clean it often.

The first what you need to do is to remove the shield from the sink. So you can see the blades. Cover it with baking soda and then sprinkle a generous amount of vinegar down the drain. The reaction will be with bubbling to loosen all of the grime and grease. Once the reaction is over, use water to flush remaining dirt and mixture.

How to clean ceiling fans?

Do you know how to clean ceiling fans with vinegar? First, turn off circuit breaker of ceiling fan. Take off the ceiling fan cover. Mix dishwashing soap with a tablespoon of vinegar and wipe it. Leave to soak for 10 minutes then wash the cover. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, dust the fan blades. Use a clean towel to wipe down. Allow it to dry then turn on ceiling fan.

How to clean a fridge?

Remember that you should store food in your refrigerator, not the toxic chemicals. If you want to clean your fridge, use white vinegar. Mix vinegar with water equally. Wash your fridge inside and outside with the help of a dry cloth. Don’t forget to clean the vent cover and shelves for different products such as cheese or butter.

If you want to prevent mildew, wash your refrigerator with white vinegar (full strength) using a clean towel. If you want to prevent odors, put a baking soda in your fridge. So don’t use vinegar to clean bathroom only.

How to clean a dishwasher?

It sounds somewhat strange that you need to wash a dishwasher, but all of that food and grime can be accumulated in it over time. If you want to remove the grease, you need to put a bowl full of vinegar on the top rack and run a cycle, without dishes. It is useful not only for cleaning a bathroom with vinegar but for cleaning your dishwasher also. Vinegar helps loosen mineral build-up. Try to repeat this process every month.

How to clean a bathtub?

When you use vinegar for bathroom cleaning, don’t forget about your bathtub. It can accumulate grime or bacteria over time. Many of us prefer to use bathroom spray to clean the dirty bathtub, but we recommend you vinegar because it works even better.

So, what do you need to do first? Take vinegar and wipe your bathtub, then powder with some bicarbonate soda, and after this procedure take a scratch-resistant cloth and scrub it to remove buildup. Then rinse the bathtub.

How to clean the drain?

Natural products such as vinegar cleaner for bathroom are safer than cleaning products based on toxic chemicals. Try not to use synthetic cleaning products that include sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid because they can damage your pipes over time. If you want to clean the drains, use vinegar with baking soda. So combine baking soda (1/2 cup) with table salt (1/4 cup) and pour into the drain. Then pour 1 cup of vinegar in the drain. Leave it for about 20 minutes, and pour boiling water down the drain for 1 minute. Repeat this procedure once a month; it will help you to keep your drain clean.

As you can see, vinegar is a good alternative when you don’t want to use chemical cleaners. We’ve tried to give some tips how to clean your kitchen and how to clean bathroom with vinegar. Using vinegar as a cleaning product will help you save money and keep your home clean and sparkling.

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