How to Keep Your House Clean With the Kids Home

If you have children, you know how it is difficult to keep a clean and tidy home. Busy parents live among tiny socks, different toys like Legos that can appear under your bare feet.

Maybe you heard such statement as that cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. So busy parents can feel completely paralyzed by the constant mess because they don't know how to keep a house clean with kids. It can become a pipe dream when you want to achieve maximum cleanliness in your home.

Mess in your house can start with a lack of energy for picking up toys. To avoid it parents should know how to clean house with kids. Because it can happen that you can’t see your bedroom carpet under all of the toys and spilled milk.

The problem is that your kids don't grow up with habits to pick up toys or not run with a glass of apple juice. The task of parents to teach their children these behaviors and develop habits. The minds of children are like sponges, meaning when they are old enough, they can easily deal with difficult tasks around the house.

In this article, we’ve compiled some tips for how to keep a clean house with kids:

Set up playtime rules for your children

how to keep a house clean with kids

Teach your children to pick up items before they move on to their next game. Your children should understand that a clean house means to pick up after yourself.

Your kids must be learned to clean the messes before they will make the next ones. Try to complete daily cleaning tasks not to pile up into a chaotic house.

Stay organized, follow a well-planned schedule

To have a clean house with kids, you need to be organized and understand what needs to be done, and when. You can create a list of household chores with your family and determine the responsibility of each member. This list can include daily cleanings as well as big jobs like cleaning the whole house or sanitizing your bathroom. In addition, you can include monthly chores such as clean the food smudges from your walls or even annual tasks.

Teach your kids that everything has a place

When each item has a place, it is easy to keep house clean with kids. You can create woodbins for toy collections of your children.

In addition, you can label a basket for each child. So they can throw items into their baskets. It will be easier for you to carry a basket full of things than carry individual items.

Choose a special day for cleaning your house and give it a name

No one likes to spend their Saturdays vacuuming carpets or dusting furniture. You and your family will hate this day. 

However, you can call Saturday as a day of clean windows. Sounds interesting and appealing, no? It is a good idea to name a task and make it into a challenge of cleaning the house with kids. If things go just right, you’ll have clean windows and happy kids.

Teach your children to clean properly

You know when your children help clean your house it isn't always helpful. Even more, you have to re-clean the rooms after your children have done a chore. Now your task as a parent to teach your kids how to complete the task properly but not just "play in cleanliness".

Let your kids earn a reward

cleaning the house with kids

Some kids like to complete household tasks really early on, and many of them really strive to help! You can give your three-year old child a small task like putting toys in a basket. If you have older children, they can help you vacuum carpets, and make their beds. 

However, everyone likes to achieve their goals and feel that their efforts will be recognized.  If you want your kids to join in your house cleaning process, make chores fun. How you can reward your children:

  • For small children you can hang a chore chart on the fridge or the wall, and place a sticker when they complete item.
  • Allow them 10 minutes of smartphone time for each task they complete. Tasks can include such jobs as washing dishes, making their beds, or mopping the floors.
  • You can provide the Wi-Fi password that is changed every day. However, give it after they have completed all the tasks of their clean room checklist.

You can use special measures that are also helpful in cleaning house with kids. They must be responsible for keeping your house in a clean condition. So you can teach your kids to wipe their feet or pick up their toys, or other little things that they must do by nature not to have chaos in the house.

Minimalism in your house

Don't buy something if you don't need it. You can change the appearance of your house if you apply the organizational methods. It will help you throw away toys that miss a lot of their pieces, or a broken chair that you meant to fix two years ago. 

Try to notice items in your house that can be thrown away. You can have a bin in your garage for toys, clothing or items that you can donate to other people. Also you can keep toys of your kids in buckets and change them every couple of months. So you don't need to buy new toys.

Try to clean house with kids Instagram can provide you with useful information how to declutter your space and your brain.

Clean your house when your kids sleep

It is difficult to clean house for kids when they are very active during a day. So use those precious moments when your kids sleep and do one last sweep before going to bed, too. You can spend 20 minutes and go from room to room, putting items where they belong, dusting surfaces, and preparing breakfast for the next day. It is amazing to wake up with your children in a tidy house.  However, it can last a few minutes before your active kids start making chaos in your home again.

In your never-ending list of tasks how to keep house clean with kids, remember that a regular cleaning and no play makes parents really boring. It doesn't take the whole life when you don't have no chances to keep your house in a perfectly tidy condition. So roll with this situation and remember that you’ll be better in the end.

Try to keep that mess in your home under control and don’t forget about cleaning at all, but don't pay a great attention to it because you can miss out on all the fun that these years are made of!

If you need help keeping your house clean, our professionals at Live Clean Today are here to land a hand.

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