For some homeowners a clean house means a wasted time. It is true because there are more important and enjoyable things to do than worry about keeping your home clean! The cleaning services Of Live Clean Today can help you to get the peace of mind you deserve and give you the time to enjoy your life and loved ones.

It is an added cost to your budget to hire house-cleaning services, but you can see the advantages that are far outweigh the cost of the services. Be sure, with our professional cleaning company, your house will receive the right service in any situation, and the great part of it all is that you don’t have to lift a finger!

When you are considering about cleaning service for your house it can be difficult for you to decide in hiring a cleaning company or an independent cleaner. Most people prefer to hire a cleaning company like Live Clean Today because of their reliability, accountability, and security.

Our Cleaning Company Can Help You Have More Free Time!

Our professional cleaners offer detailed cleaning services to keep your house looking clean all year round. We provide different cleaning frequencies according to your requirements and needs, like one-time or occasional cleans – every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, every four weeks, monthly.

What Makes “Live Clean Today” Different?

Our company is committed to protecting the environment with sustainable cleaning products and materials. We are one of the only cleaning companies to provide cleaning services using sustainable cleaning products. In addition, we use an individual cleaning service to ensure that your home looks good all the time.

Get the Cleaning Service That Your Home Needs

At Live Clean Today, we know the requirements and needs of every homeowner will be different, that’s why we offer customizable cleaning programs. No matter whether you need us before a special event, maybe you want to clean your home before the holidays, or even before or after moving out, we can help. Our trained cleaners will deep clean your house from top to bottom using our eco-friendly cleaning products.

What does our cleaning service include?

Our trained professionals clean:

  • Kitchen – We disinfect your kitchen: we often start in this area of your home and focus on wiping and sanitizing surfaces, cleaning microwave, washing dishes, cleaning hobs and splash back, moping or hovering floor, cleaning skirtings, empting bins or changing bin bags. Professional and thorough oven cleaning is available upon request for an additional charge.
  • Bedrooms – We clean your bedrooms: change bedding, dust all surfaces, wipe all skirtings, polish mirrors, empty bins or change bin bags, vacuum and mop the floor. Your bedroom should be your comfort place! Let our team make it look clean and beautiful.
  • Living room – We clean your living room: wipe furniture, clean skirtings, dust and polish reachable surfaces, empty bins or change bin bags, vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Bathroom – We sanitize your bathrooms: clean the bathtub or shower cabin, sanitize reachable surfaces and the toilet, empty bins or change bin bags, clean and polish mirrors, mop the floor. We pay a lot of attention to the bathroom because it is one of the dirtiest parts of the house.
  • Hallways and Staircases – We wipe hallways and staircases: dust off surfaces, wipe bannisters, skirting boards, vacuum and mop the floor.

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Need to have your house sparkling clean? Live Clean Today can help you! Contact us today and let us deliver cleaning services that you need.

All our cleaners are professionally trained and insured. They are 100% ready to make your home clean and comfortable. All technicians go through introductory training. Also, we monitor all done work regularly because we want to be sure that the cleaning service you receive satisfies all your needs.

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