It’s so exciting to see how the construction workers begin to collect their tools and pack up their trucks. Whether you have fixing in your office building or do some minor renovations to your home, people want the project to be done and start using the new space. However, the problem is after their leaving, your home, office is still a mess. Post construction cleanup service is a must.

If you’ve finished remodeling, our post-construction cleaning tips will help you clean your house so you can enjoy its new look.

  • Before Your Start – Before starting to clean the area, try to get it as dust-free as possible intensively. So you can avoid breathing in a lot of dust. Seal off not affected rooms with plastic sheeting, and block vents and openings to protect your HVAC system. Start cleaning with a soft-bristled broom and sweep each room. Then sweep the walls and ceiling to get all the loose debris. To easier sweeping, spray the dust with water. If you need to pick up loose dust, use a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Plaster Dust – Plaster dust causes own unique challenges to cleaners. If you get this dust too wet, you risk damaging the surfaces of your house. You can minimize the risk of the damage from plaster dust with a cleaning solution. Add two cups of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water then mop a small area with little water and immediately dry completely with a towel. Change out the water and vinegar solution once it becomes cloudy to prevent recontamination, and the towel once it becomes too damp to dry effectively.
  • Fine Dust – Fine dust becomes the biggest problem after most construction work. Fine dust can clogs your HVAC system and cause damage. To clean it, use a damp microfiber cloth, picking up the dust with the cloth, not soak it. Repeat this process on every surface, including floors and walls. To remove any remaining dust, use a vacuum with a brush attachment, then let the area dry thoroughly.
  • Brick Dust – Brick dust are heavier than other dusts, it can be difficult to clean up. First, with a powerful vacuum suck up as much dust as you can. Then mix 1.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide with one gallon of water and wipe dust off hard surfaces with soft cotton rags. To scrub the dust on soft surfaces such as carpet use a stiff-bristled brush.
  • Carpet – If you notice spackling paste on a carpet, don’t wipe it up. Let the paste dry completely, and then clean it by breaking off and vacuuming as much as possible. Use carpet cleaner for the spackling paste and blot with paper towels.
  • Wooden Surfaces – It’s better to keep wooden surfaces dry because they are much more prone to water damage than tile. For wet spackling paste, use a dry towel and window cleaner. You can soften completely dried spackling paste with wood oil and scrape up with a plastic putty knife. Don’t think that you can save money if you do the clean-up on your own. It will be difficult for you to spend time with the family or to work on other projects. For receiving the professional construction cleanup service you can hire a cleaning company such as Live Clean Today. Our post-construction cleanup service provides a full clean and it does not include a half-hearted sweeping and a quick pick up of trash.

Live Clean Today has experts at post construction cleanup service. Call our team if you want to leave the stress of construction behind. We are available for same day appointments to clean your house in no time at all. Our company will take care of all your post-construction cleaning needs today.

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