Construction cleanup service isn’t a standard service and requires attention to every surface. There’s a wide range of construction cleanup service for cleaning companies to implement such as drywall dust or large sawdust and paint-splatter.

First, you may need to remove all debris before getting down to surface cleaning. Because of drywall dust, consider literally every surface: window frames, sills, walls and light fixtures, even ceiling surfaces demand cleaning. Different harmful material and debris, elements may cause harm to cleaners and influence on the quality of the construction cleanup service.

Cleaners need to follow health precautions to be always safe. Safety rules of construction cleanup service keep cleaners safe. This list of things ensures you to be protected.

  • Construction debris must be sorted out – Builders can leave some of the waste debris lying around in building sites. Such construction materials as metal, wood and hazardous chemicals will cause serious harm to you. So, they must be sorted out before cleaning. Then put them safely away to prevent contamination and spillage with your cleaning agents. After the cleaning dispose them safely to ensure your place is free from dangerous substances.
  • Keep materials outside – When working on open spaces try to keep the materials outside if possible. It helps to prevent inhaling dust that can be a health hazard in a construction site. There is no sufficient ventilation in small and tight spaces and it can be dangerous for you.
  • Use water and chlorides to remove dust – It is one of the effective methods of controlling dust. You can use chlorides to come in handy for dust and erosion control because they are known to retain moisture for long periods. Also, chloride helps hold down of dust and pave of irregular surfaces. Water, also, is the effective mean to control dust on the construction site. Water is extremely cheap and you can save money. Be careful with the watering if you don’t want the construction site to be muddy.
  • Regular cleanup – Regular cleanup is very important as people say, prevention is always the best medicine. Don’t let the dust to accumulate before you want to hire construction cleaning services. To promote efficiency and overall health of workers, a cleaning routine should be strictly adhered on the construction place. You can use professional cleaning equipment like surface cleaners. It helps keep certain areas, frequented by people, spick-and-span.
  • Get rid of waste – One of the challenge that you will face with a construction project is handling waste. Special procedures can ensure for the waste to be properly handled and disposed of safety. Don’t allow rubbish to stay freely at the project. Chutes can be used to manage this risk. It is a big problem for a big project to get rid of waste. Proper planning is important before the commencement of any construction project.
  • Try to avoid fire risks – Don’t build up waste or the storage of materials in fire escapes because you may need to use these fire escapes. Don’t store waste materials close to sources of ignition. It is better to collect all rubbish and put into the skip, it is easier to deal with the fire and the danger is confined.
  • Don’t leave tools when you’re done – If you don’t need tools or equipment any more, put them away. Don’t leave them lying around. If you don’t use them, don’t let your tools or equipment be under your feet! Other way it can be dangerous for you and people who are in your house.

If you don’t know how to do something safely or you think something is wrong, ask our company, Live Clean Today to provide construction cleanup service for you. Sometimes it is not easy to put things right if things go wrong. Mistakes during construction cleaning can cost lives, don’t let it be yours.

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