Most individuals think that keeping a clean house is impossible, especially if they work long hours and have less time to do the cleaning by themselves. Thus, it’s often advisable to hire a house cleaning service and let them take care of keeping your home clean.


At house cleaning Coeur d’Alene services, we offer two main types of cleaning services: one-time cleaning services and recurring cleaning services. One-time is when we do the cleaning only once while recurring is when we do the cleaning regularly.

One-Time Cleaning Services

Most customers prefer one-time cleaning services. Some of the most commonly offered unique cleaning services include:

  • Regular cleaning – This is the basic cleaning routine we offer to our customers. A customer will come up with a list of cleaning tasks that he/she wants us to perform. We then customize our budget to fit our customers’ requirements.
  • Spring/Deep cleaning – spring cleaning merely is regular cleaning accompanied by extra cleaning tasks.
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning – This type of cleaning is done without furniture. We perform almost the same tasks as deep cleaning, but we offer other additional tasks, e.g., cleaning cabinet interiors, ovens, and refrigerators.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Recurring services can be done on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis. We offer regular or deep cleaning services, which are done repeatedly.

Here Are Some Advantages of Hiring Our House Cleaning Coeur d’Alene Services

  1. Our services are perfect for individuals with busy schedules – Hiring our house cleaning services is the best solution if you work long hours. Our services will keep your home sparkling clean, and you won’t have to worry about creating time to clean your house.
  2. Our house cleaning services will give you time to focus on other things – Hiring our house cleaning Coeur d’Alene services will allow you to concentrate on other essential aspects of your life, and worry less about cleaning your house.
  3. You’ll always find a clean home – Coming home to a clean house will make your life much more comfortable and enjoyable. Your house will also be aesthetically pleasing and more relaxing.
  4. We ensure that your home is cleaned regularly – When you hire a house cleaning Coeur d’Alene services, you can be sure of your house being cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure that you always come home to a clean place.
  5. We will clean areas you’ve never cleaned – There are several places in your house that need cleaning attention. Most homeowners only clean the most used surfaces, which include countertops, toilets, and windows, forgetting that dirt lands on any surface. Our professional house cleaning experts take time to clean all these areas, including some areas you have never thought of cleaning them. We clean baseboards, light switches, doorknobs, garbage cans, and several other places. We also clean your bookshelves, collectibles, picture frames, and other hard to reach places like chandeliers.
  6. Our house cleaning Coeur d’Alene contractors are licensed and reliable – Apart from being licensed, one main advantage of hiring our home cleaning professionals is that we offer extremely reliable services, and you can count on us whenever you need the highest quality house cleaning services.

Hiring our house cleaning Coeur d’Alene services is the best solution for homeowners who love coming home to a clean house without going through the hassle of doing the cleaning by themselves. We’re always ready to help you with all your cleaning needs, and our cleaning services extend beyond just cleaning your bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas.


Are you among the individuals who envy their neighbors when they employ a maid services? Or are you afraid that hiring a maid service is a luxury that you cannot afford? If you work away from home, and you have a large house, and a big family, you ought to consider hiring maid services. Hiring maid service Coeur d’Alene would increase your productivity by allowing you to spend more time on work assignments, visiting friends, and taking care of your family. It always feels good to come home to a clean house after a hard day at work. Our Maids offer different types of maid services to fit our client’s needs. Two of the more popular maid services are:

  • One-Time Maid Services: These type of maid services come in handy for individuals who have big events, those who are hosting extended families and those who need help with a major cleaning jobs. Our one-time maid service can take care of cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, floors, living room, and more. We ensure that each room is cleaned to detail, from the ceiling fan blades to the switches and doorknobs; no task is overlooked.
  • Weekly Maid Services: Weekly maid services are done once a week, twice a week, or on a monthly basis. This type of maid service is perfect for those individuals who either hate doing the cleaning by themselves or those who are too busy to do the cleaning. A recurring maid service ensures your house is always ready for unanticipated visitors or simply ready for you to relax.

Reasons to Use Maid service Coeur d’Alene Services

  1. Our services offer convenience – Among the most significant benefits of using Maid service, Coeur d’Alene Services is the extra time you get to spend with your friends and family. Hiring our maid services allows you to create a schedule for other activities that are most beneficial to you and your family.
  2. Our Maids are experienced – Keeping your house clean is not an easy job, it needs lots of experience, and in some cases, it requires special skills and experience. Don’t get stressed by the amount of dirt and stains in your home; consider hiring our experienced maids and let us do the cleaning for you!
  3. Our services are detail-oriented – One of the main advantages of using our maid services is being detail-oriented. We ensure that we clean every crack and crevice of your house. We also inspect and clean baseboards, ceilings, window blinds, and fans. When you hire our maid services, you can expect that every part of your home will receive the attention it deserves.
  4. Our services save you time – Hiring our maid service will give you time to do things that are essential. You won’t have to spend your entire free time and weekends cleaning your home.

Hiring Maid service Coeur d’Alene Services today will help you get your social life back! It’s worth the trivial cost, and you wouldn’t regret the decision after you notice how much your life has improved.

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