Cleaning the whole house sounds like a daunting and dreaded task, but everybody likes to keep their homes clean and tidy. You can make your life much easier if you break down each task into daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Following the daily house cleaning checklist, you’ll become a successful homeowner and you will enjoy a tidy home every day.

Here you can find all the cleaning chores to keep your house sparkling. This schedule house cleaning includes all of the essential tasks to complete.

Don’t forget to add tasks to your house cleaning checklist, when you notice that something looks dirty.

➢Daily Cleaning Checklist

There are essential chores, all homeowners need to do to keep their house in a good condition. It’s important to make habits of completing their cleaning daily checklist so that your house stays tidy. This is everything you should be doing daily to keep your house in tiptoe shape. These cleaning tasks don’t take much time, but you will appreciate it.

You must stay on top of those tasks, and don’t take cleaning like a chore. It is much easier to spend half an hour each day to do household chores than to spend your entire Saturday cleaning the house from top to bottom.

House cleaning daily checklist: wipe down countertops, table, bathroom benches and sink; make beds; wash dishes or empty/load dishwasher; take out the bins; sweep kitchen floors; pick up toys and other items.

➢Weekly Cleaning Checklist

There are a few tasks you can complete once a week if you don’t want your house fall completely apart and you need to clean the whole house again.

Following the weekly cleaning checklist, you save yourself from that big monthly cleaning. Also this schedule helps keep your house clean all year long. You can give this list of chores to your cleaning company to take over this part.

Weekly cleaning checklist: vacuum and/or mop floors; scrub bathroom surfaces; wash sheets and towels; clean inside windows and mirrors; dust all surfaces; change bedding; disinfect the kitchen sink and toilets; clean out the fridge; clean inside of the microwave; toss expired food.

➢Monthly Cleaning Checklist

You don’t need to do some chores every week but don’t leave them for long time. It will be more difficult to clean everything that can pile up on you for this period. A good idea is to do some of the tasks daily if you don’t want to provide a massive household cleaning on one day of the month.

Monthly house cleaning schedule: clean oven and stovetop; wipe ceiling fan blades; vacuum upholstery; clean a washing machine and a dishwasher; dust ceiling fans and vents; wipe down kitchen cabinets; clean a microwave.

➢Quarterly House Cleaning

Maybe you notice that cleaning never ends. That’s why we offer you not only daily cleaning schedule for house but what you need to clean every season. Following these lists can at least help you stay motivated! It’s difficult to remember about these tasks, so don’t let them sneak up on you.

Over time, even in the cleanest home, pockets of disorder can appear suddenly. When the season is changed, it is time to peek into fireplace or oven to see what need to clean. Follow this cleaning schedule checklist to get your home shine for the season.

Quarterly house cleaning checklist: wash pillows; vacuum mattress; clean a kitchen range hood; dust the refrigerator coils; drain hoses and store; wash shower curtain; steam clean all carpets; descale coffee maker; change water filter; dust lampshades; scrub the baseboards; polish stainless steel appliances.

➢Yearly House Cleaning

Compared to the daily cleaning schedule for house, there are things you might only do once a year. They are not so frequent, but you have to do these tasks to keep your house running. The easiest way not to be piled up by many tasks is to do a different one each month. It is much easier to clean your house a little bit at a time when it includes these annual tasks.

Yearly house cleaning checklist: deep clean carpet and upholstery; clean chimney; wash window screens; clean around dryer and vents; dust ceiling and higher areas; clean rugs and carpets professionally; wash mattress covers; refresh the bathroom storage; clean and defrost freezer; sweep and organize the garage.

Quick House Cleaning Checklist

Sometimes you don’t need the clean house checklist daily but you need just a quick house cleaning. The reason for it can be a holiday party or guests arrival. Here are some recommendations from our quick cleaning checklist.

You should remember that speed cleaning doesn’t mean decluttering or cleaning that consists of the house daily cleaning schedule. This cleaning requires about 15-30 minutes of fast efforts to make your house look nice and clean. If your home isn’t small, or if you have kids, you may need more than 30 minutes to clean your house fast.

  • Quick cleaning of the kitchen: unload and load the dishwasher; wipe appliance fronts; declutter the counters; change the towel; wipe down all surfaces.
  • Speed cleaning of the bathroom: change towels; wipe the toilet and sink; empty the trash; wipe the vanity; get rid of dirty laundry.
  • Quick cleaning of the bedroom: make your bed; throw away trash; wipe mirrors and glass; pick up items from the floor, put your dirty clothes into the hamper.
  • Quick cleaning the living room: wipe tops of your furniture, throw trash into bins, pick items from the carpet; fold throw blankets.

Live Clean Today Knows How To Stop The Cycle!

The best way to stay on top of your cleaning tasks is to follow the house cleaning schedule daily. It makes the weekly and monthly tasks much easier to accomplish.

Need a monthly cleaning checklist or a daily list? Try this house cleaning schedule to keep your house clean. If you are tired of the regular house cleaning, contact our cleaning company Live Clean Today! We provide the best cleaning services according to your house cleaning checklist.

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