Green cleaning is important for keeping families safe and protected from harsh chemicals and germs. Though many professional cleaning companies claim to provide green home cleaning products, at Live Clean Today we don’t label toxic cleaner “green” only because it’s in a recycled container. Our professional team is always ready to inform you about our green products and practices. Our company is transparent for our customers and provide cleaning solutions that best suit your house needs.

Our company will help you find the right balance between maintaining a clean, healthy home and protecting the environment. We will choose the best cleaning solutions for your home. Most of our cleaning products don’t include petroleum, toxins, ammonia, alcohol, and are able to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

High-Quality Cleaning From Live Clean Today

Our testament of the commitment to quality work and environmental responsibility is our customers. You can be sure – you get the best every time we clean your house.

Our mission is to provide only natural, eco-friendly cleaning services using environmentally-friendly methods that are our service standards.

Our professionals use green cleaning products made from 100% natural ingredients derived from minerals or plants. Also, our products are enhanced with organic essential oils for effective green cleaning of your house. Products with zero toxins, offensive odors or chemical residues help our cleaners make your homes healthier.

Some Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods at Live Clean Today

Our green products and methods protect our planet, our customers, and our professional cleaners. Sometimes using green cleaning products is not so simple as it sounds. It can be difficult to get green products with such effective cleaning power as their chemical counterparts. That’s why we use disinfectants in an environmentally friendly way in our solutions. For example, if we need to use bleach for one of our services, our cleaners will balance it with products without toxic chemicals.

Why We Use Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are designed to protect your health along with preserving the environmental quality.

Here are reasons why we provide eco-friendly cleaning services:

  • Your Home Will Be Cleaner and Safer – Some cleaning products have labels with the text like “Warning! Or Toxic!” that means they aren’t really safe. Such products can cause allergic reactions especially in small children and pets who are especially vulnerable to toxic ingredients. Live Clean Today uses green cleaning methods and products to avoid these potential hazards, making your home cleaner and safer!
  • Green Cleaning Products Help Avoid the Possible Health Hazards – Live Clean Today uses non-toxic cleaning products and methods that make you feel healthier. Hiring our eco-friendly cleaning service, you can notice that symptoms such as headaches, coughing and skin rashes getting disappear weirdly. As green products do not include any toxic substances, they can’t leave any harmful chemical residues that could affect your health.
  • Green products are for Environment Preservation – Hiring our green cleaning service, you are starting steps to preserving the environment. The traditional cleaning products include ingredients that are dangerous and non-biodegradable. They adversely affect the earth’s eco-system. Our eco-friendly cleaning products consist of safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients. Such products don’t negatively impact the environment.
  • You Will Receive Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air – It is a fact that traditional cleaning products cause higher indoor pollution. They have a high amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can lead to many health issues like liver and kidney damage. Also, they negatively affect the central nervous system. Green products don’t contain VOCs and don’t leave residues in the air. Hence, the indoor air quality will be healthier and these products won’t cause any health issues.

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