When you want to clean floors in your house, you can sweep or mop but it is difficult to remove all dirt. Cleaning floors needs deep dirt extraction because debris and allergens settle into cracks. Sweeping and mopping are important in reducing debris that can scratch floors and pick up daily dirt; however, professional floor cleaning companies can help keeping dirt out of your floors.

Floors require regular cleaning to keep their appearance and reduce their wear. Most types of floors need deep cleaning at least once a year. Floor cleaning companies offer floor cleaning services for day-to-day cleaning, also separate services for polishing, deep cleaning and refinishing.

Floor cleaning companies can provide the following services for your hard surfaces:

  • Floor stripping and sealing – Some floor surfaces need additional protection such as sealing. Such porous floor materials as natural stone need to be treated with a sealer or an impregnator because they provide an environment for pollutants to permeate the surface. A new sealant can be used again only if the old one has been removed beforehand.
  • Tile cleaning – The deep cleaning service helps to restore the fresh appearance of dirty tiled floorings. It is difficult to wash the grout and especially relief tiles only with a mop. Professional floor cleaning companies use a high-end hot water extraction equipment to clean granite, terracotta, marble, ceramic and natural stone floors. You will receive disinfected and shiny surfaces again.
  • Buffing – Tiled and wooden floors can be cleaned with a special rotary machine. However, such machines are used to buff already sealed and protected floors and help to achieve a polished look and an attractive luster.
  • Pressure cleaning – This method includes professional cleaning of mainly exterior surfaces. A high-pressure cleaning machine is used to wash such surfaces with a powerful water blast that removes almost any type of organic and non-organic matter such as moss, algae, mold, and salt buildup. Floor cleaning companies can clean with pressure concrete driveways, walls, fences, water tanks, patios and decks, etc. The method extends the surface durability.

What to Expect from floor cleaning companies

Home cleaners arrive promptly at your houses, well equipped with the tools and detergents, required for the job.

  1. They asses the floor type and what cleaning method suits to it.
  2. The surface of the floor is deep vacuumed.
  3. Then a patch test is performed and the most suitable special detergent is sprayed over the floor.
  4. A special machine with pad or brush drivers is used for cleaning and buffing wood floorings. The result of such process is a reconditioned and rejuvenated hardwood surface.
  5. Hot water, high pressure, professional detergents and machines help to clean tile floors. They dissolve all the dirt from your floor.
  6. The surface can be dried, if needed.
  7. Also, floor protection can be applied upon request such as sealants, impregnators, wax, polish, etc.

If you want to provide appropriate maintenance for your hardwood or tiled floors, mopping alone is an insufficient floor cleaning method for it. Live Clean Today provides professional cleaning services for all types of floor surfaces. The contamination of the floors is mainly caused by dust accumulating over time, and leads to general grime buildup. The result of it is lusterless floors. Routine mopping and vacuuming of your floor surfaces are important for maintaining the daily hygiene. However, regular professional floor cleaning is important for extending the lifespan of hard surfaces. Our company specializes in a wide range of hard floor cleaning. We use different methods, depending on the type of your floor and the condition that is in.

Professional cleaning services

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