If you live in Orlando, you may be wondering why you should pay a house cleaning service in Orlando when you can do all the cleaning yourself. The popularity and alleged cost savings of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects tempts may people to «play» expert in every single task that comes their way. Here’s why it’s not a good idea to clean your home.

  1. You’ll forget to clean many things – Home cleaning isn’t about cleaning carpets, floors, windows, and clothes. There are many other areas and items in your home that harbor dirt but are usually forgotten. For instance, remote controls and computer keyboards are among the most «germ-packed» items in modern homes today. Studies have also found kitchen sinks and dishwashers to be breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria like salmonella and E.coil. You need professional cleaners to remember to get rid of dirt and germs in these surprisingly dirty places and items in your home.
  2. You don’t have the right equipment and detergents – Did you know that regular vacuum cleaners don’t get rid of all the dirt in your carpet? Furthermore, there are many studies showing links between carpets and increased indoor allergens and microorganisms known to cause asthma among other respiratory health problems. Considering having a carpet in your home increases the likelihood of having allergens from mold and dust mites, proper home cleaning is crucial. You need a HEPA vacuum cleaner to get rid of mold among other allergens and microorganisms in your carpet. Regular vacuum cleaners don’t filter out tiny mold spores and other small allergens. What’s more – vacuuming is hazardous to your health. Typical household vacuum cleaners today actually release allergens and bacteria back into the air. This poses serious risks to everyone including those who already have respiratory problems. The only solution is using specialized vacuuming equipment like a HEPA vacuum which can only be available when you buy one or use a professional home cleaning company. You’ll also need other equipment i.e., steaming equipment and the right detergents to do a great job. Many household cleaners today rarely remove stains on curtains, furniture fabric and clothes if you don’t meet temperature among other guidelines for cleaning.
  3. DIY home cleaning is costly in the long run – Cost is usually the biggest motivator for DIY projects. Cleaning your own home may look like a cost-saving venture at first glance; however, it’s more expensive when you calculate the cost of getting treatment because you haven’t cleaned your carpet or furniture properly. Respiratory diseases like asthma are very expensive to manage. The cost can skyrocket if more than one family member gets sick because of living in a dirty house. If you insist on doing thorough cleaning yourself, you need to buy the right equipment and detergents to do a great job. If you factor in such costs of DIY home cleaning, it’s actually cheaper to hire a good house cleaning service in Orlando that has all the equipment and detergent needed for proper cleaning.
  4. You’ll save time and energy – Proper home cleaning takes hours and a lot of energy you would have otherwise channeled to other more productive things. Instead of laboring for a whole weekend every month cleaning your home, you can take some much-deserved rest, work on a business idea, work overtime, and get more value for your time. Since you can’t do a better job than a professional home cleaning company, it’s better to outsource and do more productive things with your time. Hiring a professional cleaning company is obviously better than DIY home cleaning given the above reasons, but you need to hire a company with a reputation for offering exemplary services in your area.

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