It is important to have your windows looking as spotless as they were installed. Your clean windows can transform your rooms, allow more light into your home and make them bright and good for the soul. Clean windows make you feel more connected to the nature; also, they provide a better outlook and a good impression from outside.

Cleaning windows is a simple cleaning job, however, it can be difficult to find the proper way to clean your windows. But when you clean windows, you can leave streaks and feel like you’ve made them look worse.

The Best Way to Clean Windows

We know how to help you find the best way to clean your windows. We promise you have everything you need in your pantry for a streak-free shine. You can make your own solution for windows cleaning such as hot water, vinegar, and microfiber cloths or use the reliable old newspaper trick to remove window grime and residue. There are different ways to make your windows clean again.

However, you can find wonderful cleaners on the market that can leave your windows sparkling like new. Many people prefer cleaning products without harsh fumes or toxic chemicals, because some of them have pets or children at home.

We want to give you some tips for cleaning windows, you can do it like a professional without paying the professional fees. Follow our recommendations for getting the best results every time.

The proper quality of the water

If you are an untrained cleaner, maybe you think that the quality of the water especially that flows from your tap doesn’t affect the window cleaning. If you clean countertops or flooring, it isn’t such a big deal but if you clean windows the glass will show every little imperfection. Some housekeepers dilute glass cleaner with water; this solution can impact the result of cleaning your windows.

You should know that hard water includes a higher concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. This solution can make your windows unsightly with streaks when combined with your cleaner.

Use distilled water to dilute glass water instead of water from the tap. It doesn’t leave any streaks on your mirror because it doesn’t include all the minerals in it that tap water has. You can easily buy distilled water from the local grocery store and it isn’t expensive, especially if you need very large quantities.

Try to minimize suds when cleaning windows

If you need to work up a nice lather, use soap, it is a great product for it. If you use soap incorrectly, you can make your windows covered in ugly streaks. When your task is to have a deep clean, minimize the amount of soap added to the solution.

You don’t need to use much soap to remove the dirt because it can leave a streaky residue on the glass.

You can make your own cleaning solution for windows:

  • 2 quarts of water.
  • 2 quarts of rubbing alcohol.
  • 3 drops of liquid dishwashing soap.

Simply mix them and use for windows cleaning. Pour your combination into a spray bottle and keep it away from children.

Use vinegar like a great cleaner

Many housekeepers use vinegar as a cleaning product that has all-purpose ingredients for cleaning windows. Most pantries store it as the main product.

It is great for salads and for glass cleaning also. It costs practically nothing! People who prefer green cleaning, use it, because it’s all-natural. We recommend you to use distilled white vinegar for cleaning purposes, as it is non-toxic and antibacterial. The distilled white vinegar has acidic content that is safe for skin, pets and kids.

If you don’t have glass cleaner at home, white vinegar is the best solution and can make wonders on your windows and mirrors.

Great glass-cleaning recipe:

  • Take 1 cup of water.
  • Combine with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

This solution will help you prevent glass streaks.

Don’t use paper towels

We recommend you not to use paper towels for cleaning windows because they leave not only streaks, but also linty ones at that. To get rid of streaks on the windows, choose a microfiber cloth or squeegee or use a handful of newspaper without the glossier pages. So, wear gloves, take the black and white pages and enjoy clean glass. Using newspaper for cleaning will help produce streak-free glass and bright shine of windows.

Don’t spray your cleaning product directly on the mirror but it is better to spray it on the newspaper. It will help prevent the cleaning product from dripping into the frame and corroding it.

Scrape substances with plastic

If you find out sticky substances on the windows, don’t use glass cleaner on these substances because they can smear across the glass. Take a plastic utensil, or card to scrape off any substances before cleaning windows.

Plastic can’t scratch glass. For stubborn areas, dab with a bit of liquid dish soap and leave it for a little. Then wipe the dish soap with the substance away.

Finish the windows cleaning with a quick buff

Sometimes even if you use great solutions for cleaning windows such as vinegar with distilled water or newspaper, you can get windows with streaks. So, we recommend you to end up the job with a quick buff.

For buffing windows, take the best type of cloth, a chamois, or a microfiber towel, also you can use a regular rag. Choose a clean and dry cloth and after cleaning windows, buff over the troublesome area of the windows.

We recommend you to wash windows every two to three months, so you don’t need to do much each time you clean.

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