If you don’t know the right tips how to clean wood floors, maintaining them can be discouraging. Floor cleaning companies know that wooden floors require special care because they are very delicate. These easy guidelines from Live Clean Today can make it an easy task. We will help you to choose the right products in order to obtain properly cleaned floors.

Homeowners try to find efficient and easy cleaning products to clean wooden floors and make them shiny. Floor cleaning companies will provide the correct products for your house, so that it is safer for people as well as the environment because some people can be allergic to certain products or be sensitive to strong scents as well.

If you have your floors extra dirty, more cleaning power is required from you. Floor cleaning companies can save your time, money and effort, and you will receive the desired result as well. Live Clean Today has the right strategies to clean the house so that you may not have to face any problems in getting clean wood floors.

Some homemade clean solutions will help you to clean your wooden floors effectively, let’s look at them:

  • Vinegar – A great cleaning product is vinegar. Mix one cup of vinegar with a bucket of water, dip a clean mop in the solution, and squeeze out the excess water. Then wipe up your wooden floor with this mop, let it air dry or clean it with a soft, clean towel. Vinegar and water is the best solution for deep cleaning of the wooden floors.
  • Vegetable Oil – Water is not recommended for some types of floor finish or if you’re concerned about using water on your wood floors, you can use homemade solution which consists only of vinegar and vegetable oil This mixture is very effective in removing the dirt and bringing back wood’s shine as well. Be sure to fill this solution in a spray bottle for applying the mixture.
  • Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is a great cleaning agent for wooden floors. You need to make a solution of lemon juice, hot water and olive oil, and then mop the floor with it. This combination may sound more like a salad dressing but it helps you clean your floors and will leave a rich sheen.
  • Tea Bags – Tea bags can help you clean wood floors and add shine and luster. You need to soak a bag of tea in two cups of boiling water. When it has room temperature, take out the tea bag and immerse a clean cloth in it. Then wipe the floor without excess water and dry it with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to brew a couple of extra teabags for your floor when you make tea for you. This method will save you money and bring back the shine to the wooden floors.
  • Essential Oil – You can effectively clean your wooden floors with the help of essential oils. Use the combination of vinegar, water and essential oil if you want to add fragrance to your cleaning solution. Mop your wooden floor with this combination. You can choose different varieties of essential oils, and add it to vinegar and water for cleaning it naturally and removing any odors.
  • Dish Detergent – You can choose such cleaning solution as water, vinegar and dish detergent for your laminate flooring. Use for this combination a microfiber mop or sponge.
  • Plant-based Liquid Soap – This effective and simple combination consists of plant-based liquid soap, water and vinegar. You can also add essential oils to it. It is a good choice if your floor is extra dirty.

You need to know everything about your floor – what kind of floor, how it’s sealed and finished, only then a right cleaning product can be selected for your house. People ignore floor maintenance, and hence it gets difficult to clean them.

It is better to use homemade cleaning products not to damage your floors. But if cleaning wooden floors is an exhausting task for you, take the aid of expert cleaners of Live Clean Today. We can offer green solutions to bring back the shine of your floors.

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