How to Clean and Maintain Your Laminate Floors

If you want to prolong the life your laminate flooring, a proper cleaning is what you need. Be very careful about spills to prevent unrepairable water damage

Why You Need To Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

If you want your upholstery dirt and stains cleaned, Live Clean Today is here to help you to restore your upholstery with professional cleaning


Any carpet in a home acts as its very own filter. However, it's important to maintain it regularly that can properly do its job, and ensure that the air you breathe is fresh!

Construction Cleanup Service Near Me

Such leftover items as construction materials, sawdust, and paint splatter clutter your newly built or renovated space.

How Much Does Home Cleaning Cost?

In our busy schedule, it is difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to keep your home clean and tidy is to hire our team at Live Clean Today.

What Cleaning Products Do We Use To Clean Your Home?

Green cleaning is important for keeping families safe and protected from harsh chemicals and germs.

How We Clean Your Homes?

For some homeowners a clean house means a wasted time. It is true because there are more important and enjoyable things to do than worry about keeping your home clean!

Safety rules for construction cleaning

Construction cleanup service isn't a standard service and requires attention to every surface.

How to Revive Old Carpets?

Your carpet can be succumb to dirt, spills and other things caused by kids and pets. Over time, it begins to show its age before you're ready to replace it.

Wood Floor Cleaning Products

If you don’t know the right tips how to clean wood floors, maintaining them can be discouraging.

10 House Cleaning Tips

Everyone loves to have a clean house but hates to clean. According to the statistics, Americans spend about 40 minutes for a day cleaning of their homes.

Cleaning after Repair and Construction

If you have finished a building improvement project recently you would need construction cleanup service.

What to Expect from Floor Cleaning Companies

When you want to clean floors in your house, you can sweep or mop but it is difficult to remove all dirt.

Home cleaning service from company Live Clean Today

Although you know everything about your home, you clean each corner in your house, but you may not realize that there are some places you fail to clean, and visitors can notice.

Advantages of Professional Cleaning Service

A clean home is a healthy and happy home. Sometimes your schedule can be full of work, family or other activities.
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