What Does it Take to Have a Clean Home According to Studies?

House cleaning Orlando: DIY Home Cleaning Risks

According to a 2018 ACI (American Cleaning Institute) survey, 91% of Americans participate in Spring cleaning – thorough home cleaning during Spring. However, it takes more than a Spring cleaning episode to have a clean home throughout the year. There are scientific studies that highlight what it means to have a clean home. The most important factors to consider are; what to clean and the number of times you should clean the item in question. Once you understand what it takes to have a clean home, you'll understand why it's not such a bad idea to hire a professional house cleaning Orlando Company to do the job on your behalf. The cost of professional house cleaning services far outweighs the benefits you stand to enjoy. Here's an in-depth discussion on your home's cleaning needs to help you appreciate professional home cleaning services.

How often should you clean your home?

  1. How frequently should you clean your kitchen sink and kitchen counters? – You should clean your kitchen sink two or more times a week. However, cleanliness isn’t guaranteed if you overlook certain areas, especially the drain. According to environmental biologist Kelly Reynolds, kitchen sinks are dirtier than bathrooms in most homes given there are 500,000+ bacteria per/sq inch inside the drain. To clean your sink effectively, clean two or more times weekly using an antibacterial product (pouring it down the drain) after scrubbing the basin thoroughly. As far as kitchen counters are concerned, cleaning should be done daily using sanitized sponges to kill any bacteria present. Kitchen counters should also be cleaned with antibacterial products since raw vegetables and fruits that are placed on countertops have been found to harbor a lot of pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Most people lack the time, cleaning products as well as the expertise to meet the above kitchen sink and countertop cleaning requirements. That’s where home cleaning services come in handy.
  2. How often should you clean your carpet? – Contrary to popular belief, vacuuming your carpet alone doesn’t count as thorough carpet cleaning. If you don’t use steam to clean your carpets alongside specialized vacuum cleaners, such as a HEPA vacuum cleaner (high-efficient particulate air) vacuum cleaner, you can’t be able to get rid of all allergens, dirt, and dust in your carpets. Furthermore, highly specialized vacuum cleaners don’t compromise indoor air quality like regular vacuum cleaners which have been proven to release back allergens into the atmosphere during vacuuming. This simply means you need specialized carpet cleaning services every time you think of vacuuming your carpet or deep cleaning it which is at least once a month.
  3. How often should you clean your kitchen and bath towels? – If you clean your towels once after every 1 or 2 weeks, scientific research suggests you aren’t cleaning your towels enough. According to a University of Arizona study done in 2014, 89% of all kitchen towels in our homes have carried coliform bacteria – the bacteria used to determine water contamination levels. The same study revealed that 25% of kitchen towels contain E. Coli – a bacteria common in contaminated food and responsible for symptoms like causing diarrhea and even life-threatening ailments like kidney failure in severe contamination cases. It's, therefore, a matter of the how many times you wash your kitchen towels as well as how you wash them. Given the findings of the above study, you should wash your kitchen towels more frequently than you think i.e., after 2-3 uses. The same applies to bath towels since they contain millions of dead skin cells. You risk reintroducing bacteria to your body after bathing and utensils after cleaning them if you reuse your bath and kitchen towels more than a few times.
  4. How often should you clean your pillow? – If your cleaning habits are like those of most people, you probably wash your pillow covers only. Although maintaining clean pillow covers helps to keep daily grime and dust mites away, you should wash your pillow as well at least once every three months. Regular cleaning is recommended given numerous species of fungi (16 species) are present in the average pillow, and pillow stuffing has been found to attract dust mites. In case you are wondering how you should wash your pillow, you need the right detergent, equipment, and water. You also need patience to get the job done properly, which is why it's better to seek professional cleaning.
  5. How often should you clean your refrigerator? – To keep your fridge sparkling clean, you should clean it at least once a week. Research studies have found some places in refrigerators (salad drawers) to contain approximately 8,000 bacteria per/sq centimeter. Your salad drawer contains 750x more bacteria than the safety standard. Considering the risk of spreading bacteria from your salad drawer to other areas is high during daily use, your refrigerator needs to be cleaned thoroughly every week. You need to take out all your food and wipe the interior of your fridge using a disinfectant before rinsing to consider your refrigerator free of bacteria.
  6. How often should you clean your bathtub? – Your bathtub should be cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis given research findings indicate tubs could be dirtier than toilets. Apparently, the germ levels in most bathtubs in our homes are worse than that in trash cans. One such bacteria identified in a study is staphylococcus bacteria responsible for causing severe skin infections. The bacteria is present in 26% of bathtubs compared to just 6% of garbage cans, yet most people clean their tubs more than their garbage cans.

From the above information, it takes a lot to maintain a clean home, yet most people don't have time to make it happen. That's where professional services come in handy. For a small cost every month, the best house cleaning Orlando services company can clean your home regularly and thoroughly. Although DIY (do-it-yourself) home cleaning appears to be a good idea, the cost savings don’t outweigh the health and wellness risks you expose to yourself and your family.

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