Professional Carpet Cleaning Using Only Natural Cleaning Products

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At Live Clean Today, all our services are provided on the foundation of using eco-friendly cleaning products. And as professional carpet cleaning Orlando service providers, we strongly advocate for the use of only natural cleaning products. For our environmentally conscious clients, they understand why we take this stand. However, this article is for those of you who ask why?

The promise offered by every carpet cleaner Orlando business is to get rid of all the dirt, stubborn stains, and 100% of the dust from your carpet. And for most of them, they subscribe to the industry believe that it is only chemical cleaners that can genuinely get the job done. But not for us here at Live Clean Today. We guarantee you that our natural cleaning products will leave your carpet just as squeaky clean, if not cleaner. There is power in plant elements! Add this to the cleaning power of numerous carbonated bubbles, efficiency is guaranteed.

Now that we have addressed your doubts about the power of natural cleaning solutions. Here are the reasons why we offer professional carpet cleaning using only natural cleaning products.

Natural Cleaning Products are 100% Organic

To save the planet, you don't have to be involved in grand projects. You could make small efforts that count right from your home. And this is what using natural cleaning products on your carpet is all about. Our natural cleaning products are made from natural ingredients that have no harmful consequences to the environment, unlike chemical cleaning products. You don't have to worry about releasing toxic elements into the environment. Our natural cleaning products release no pungent components to the atmosphere, and our wastewater from carpet cleaning contains no toxic elements. Getting on board with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning Orlando service is a simple way to contribute to saving the planet through a conscious greener living concept.

Natural Cleaning Products are Safe For Use

As a carpet cleaning Orlando service provider, we value our employees. Therefore, we take significant measures to protect our staff that will be exposed to cleaning products as they clean your carpet. We promote the use of natural cleaning products because of the assurance that our employees will not breathe in toxic chemicals as they do their job. With natural cleaning products, we are also confident that should these products happen to come into contact with the skin of our cleaners, there will be no harm. However, the same can not be said for chemical cleaning products. It is very unfair for cleaners to devote themselves to their job only for them to start experiencing breathing problems and other conditions related to toxic chemicals exposure.

Natural Cleaning Products Leave No Harmful Residues

Do you ever worry that after your carpet has been cleaned, there may be a residue that could be harmful to your kids who occasionally pick food from the carpet or your baby who is learning to crawl or your pets that love sniffing the rug? This concern is common with carpet cleaning services that use chemical cleaning products. Chemical cleaning products rely on harsh chemical components to strip away dirt and grit from your carpet. In the process of carpet cleaning, these harsh chemical elements, which are harmful to both people and pets, can be left behind if the carpet is not rinsed adequately. Carpet Cleaning Orlando services that use natural cleaning products will put an end to your worries of harmful residues. Natural cleaning products leave no toxic residues on your carpet. Furthermore, natural cleaning products leave your carpet smelling natural and amazing, unlike the detergent-like scent left behind by chemical cleaning products. The only concern when it comes to natural cleaning products is possible allergic reactions. Though very rare, it is possible to be allergic to some of the plant-based ingredients of our natural carpet cleaning products. At Live Clean Today, we have an array of green-certified cleaning solutions we use. Therefore, if you have any allergies, notify us, and we will ensure not to use a natural cleaning product likely to irritate you.

Natural Cleaning Products Increase Your Carpet’s Lifespan

When it comes to toxic elements in chemical cleaning products, it is not your family and pets only at risk; your carpet is too! While chemical cleaning products strip dirt off your carpet quickly and with no much effort, they could be shortening the lifespan of your carpet as well by messing with its microfibers. Now, didn’t you invest significantly on that lovely carpet in your home? So don’t you want to ensure it serves you for as long as possible? Then insist that your reliable carpet cleaner in Orlando uses only natural cleaning products on your carpet.

Natural Cleaning Products Promote Less Waste Of Resources

One fact about carpet cleaning that you may not be aware of is that chemical cleaners use up more water than natural cleaning products. This is because chemical cleaners are harsh and could leave harmful residue. They, therefore, require copious amounts of water to rinse the chemical cleaning products off the carpet thoroughly. This is counterintuitive for people who are geared towards a zero-waste concept, right? The case is, however, different when using natural cleaning products. Since they contain no toxic elements, you don't need too much water to rinse them off. Our natural products only carpet cleaning in Orlando services consume almost 80% less water than the traditional chemical products carpet cleaning services. Do you know what else is impacted by the use of less water? Your carpet’s drying time. With the use of only natural products for your carpet cleaning, you can expect your carpet to be dry within an hour. And that's a guarantee! Forget about having to wait a day or even two for your carpet to dry completely.

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A Greener, Safer Approach To Carpet Cleaning Orlando

At Live Clean Today, we are a carpet cleaner Orlando that is fully committed to green, healthier living. Our carpet cleaning process includes pre-conditioning, organic steam cleaning, sanitizing, and green guard application. We will get rid of those stained spots, eliminate mold and dust mites, and seal your carpet fibers to keep your carpet cleaner for longer. Go green today with our carpet cleaning in Orlando services. Request for professional carpet cleaning using only natural cleaning products today!

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