Professional Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Any carpet can add different feeling to any room: comfort feeling of the warm floor underneath your feet, a touch of color, a cozy feeling or an opportunity to show personal taste. Carpets are used as both an ornament and a means to keep the house warm. Carpets and rugs can be different in textures, materials and colors. Some of them are industrial products and some are woven by hand. They became a central feature in many homes.

Although a carpet in your house has many advantages but it has one important disadvantage: you must clean it regularly. The reasons for regular carpet and rug cleaning Orlando can be:

  • carpets are getting stained;
  • they absorb unpleasant odors;
  • carpets can absorb moisture and become moldy;
  • they are prone to become discolored and worn-looking if you are not take care of them properly;
  • carpets can attract such unpleasant guests as dust, allergens, animal hairs, pollen, tiny bugs and mites.


The most important reason to hire our carpet cleaners Orlando is not only that carpet can lose its original charm in a short time, but it can also affect your and your family health.

But it does not mean that your carpets must be thrown out! With our carpet cleaning services in Orlando your carpets will look fresh and clean for many years. All you need is have your carpets cleaned by Live Clean Today that will help you keep them clean and fresh-looking.

The Leading Provider for Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Live Clean Today is regarded as one of the best providers for professional carpet and rug cleaning Orlando. Every carpet clean is different so we view every carpet cleaning assignment as a customized service.

Before arrival of our carpet cleaners Orlando in your house, we provide an onsite inspection to get the following information:

  • Carpet type: natural wool, natural or synthetic fiber.
  • Carpet condition: What caused the damage – The carpet is worn out because of heavy traffic or heavy stained, and what the kind of stains.
  • Your needs and requirements: What kind of carpet cleaning do you want – quick dry cleaning that takes no more than 2 hours or wet carpet cleaning services in Orlando?

After the receiving needed information, our cleaning company will recommend you carpet cleaning Orlando that suits your needs.

Our Techniques for Carpet and Rug Cleaning Orlando

Sometimes it is difficult to remove the dirt by ordinary cleaning methods such as wiping or vacuuming. Our carpet cleaners Orlando use such methods that help remove dirt, soil, grease, stubborn stains. Our top cleaning techniques that we provide for the deepest carpet cleaning in Orlando:

  • Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Orlando – Our professional will scrub your carpets with water-based shampoo. This thorough cleaning helps to go deep into fibers and loosen dirt. The foam absorbs the dirt and extracts it from the carpet without leaving it over-wetting or with sticky residue. Because of its anti-resole features and quick drying time this method is recommended for regular carpet maintenance.
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning – This method is used to clean heavy soiled carpets and avoid their shrinkage. With the special machine, we will clean your carpets at a high pressure. It helps to loosen up the dirt and grime. To eliminate the filth completely, our professional cleaners use a high-powered vacuum. We provide hot water extraction because of the quickest dry time, deepest clean, better results in removing stubborn stains accumulated in the carpet fibers.
  • Professional Green Solution For Rug Cleaning Orlando – Live Clean Today also offers carpet spot removal service. Our highly-effective green solutions are developed to eliminate the most difficult stain problems such as grease, coffee stains, food color stains, oil stains, rust stains etc. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are tough on stains but safe for using on different types of fibers.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaners Orlando provide professional cleaning process, applied to commercial and residential locations, includes several proven steps. When you hire Live Clean Today for carpet cleaning services in Orlando, you can expect this process:

  • Thorough dry vacuum – We use it to remove larger soil particles like dust, sand, hair and other debris from your carpet.
  • Pre-spray treatment – It is used to loosen and break down the soil and stains such as tar stains or oil grease. We use this step to prepare the carpet for cleaning.
  • Manual spot cleaning of stubborn stains – Our professional carpet cleaners will identify the stains and remove them with suitable green carpet cleaning products.
  • Deep cleaning – We use carpet-cleaning machines with soft rotating brushes that spray solution in your carpet and helps to loosen soil particles from the fibers. This step provides washing, brushing and disinfection of the carpets for deep and thorough carpet cleaning Orlando.
  • Hot extraction cleaning – The extraction machine sprays a suitable solution into the carpet under high pressure. It helps to delete any dirt trapped deep in your carpet. Powerful suction of the extraction machine will eliminate the dislodged soil. Besides deep rug cleaning Orlando, such method disinfects and deodorizes carpets. After hot water extraction, our company can perform carpet color restoration. We recommend it to restore the luster and color of the carpets giving them a new look.

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaners Orlando for Carpet Cleaning?

  • Live Clean today saves your money and time – Some people may think they’ll save money if clean carpets themselves. However, spending money on renting the equipment and hours on the job, it will take too much money and time to clean your carpets effectively. Our professional cleaners will get the job done right for you quickly and effectively.
  • Professional cleaners – Our skilled team has the tools and training to clean your carpets with the best results every time.
  • Versatility in carpet types – Our team has experience with all carpet types and know how to make them clean and fresh.
  • Customized cleaning approach – Our solution is designed to get rid of all forms of stains and dirt in the most effective way.
  • Green products for carpet cleaning services in Orlando – Our cleaning team uses only 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that are safe for human and the environment.

The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Live Clean Today is the leading carpet cleaning company that uses our many years of experience to receive your carpets looking as good as new for a price you’ll absolutely like. The cost of our carpet cleaning services will suit all sized rooms, homes and budgets. Are you ready to learn more about rug cleaning Orlando? Contact Live Clean Today to schedule your free personalized estimate!