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We understand that every home is different and has specific routines and accommodations. Not depending on these factors, your home should be a place where you love to come back and spend time. However, you can be stressed at home if your house is dirty or cluttered. Live Clean Today offers house cleaning service for any home. All of our cleaners are skilled and fully trained to clean your home the best way, taking into consideration your lifestyle and surroundings. Our house cleaning service Orlando will make you feel as if you have cleaned by yourself, but without the hassle!

All our staff is background and reference checked, and also insured because we know that it is a big deal to let someone into your home. That kind of trust belongs only for family and friends. Here at Live Clean Today, providing house cleaning Orlando, we take your safety and peace of mind very seriously.

Our House Cleaners Orlando Provide a Full Range of Home Cleaning Services

Live Clean Today provides professional weekly or regular house cleaning services and one-time house cleaning service such as post-construction cleaning, house moving in/out cleaning, spring cleaning, after party cleaning at reasonable rates.

Our cleaning company wants a long-term partnership with our house cleaning clients. Our house cleaning service Orlando covers everything in your home. Our team provides high quality house cleaning Orlando.

Our House Cleaners Orlando Provide Cleaning Services for Different Rooms of Your Home

Your home has different kinds of spaces, surfaces and materials that need to be cleaned and maintained, and each room of your home has specific needs that require specific products and equipment for house cleaning. The professional team at Live Clean Today is experienced and qualified in providing house cleaning service:

Home Cleaning in the Kitchen

  • Our team washes dishes, sink, kitchen appliances, and cabinet faces.
  • The professional cleaners clean kitchen surfaces (countertops).
  • We clean microwaves inside and outside, and stove top.
  • We do wet cleaning of all floors and surfaces.
  • Our professionals dust and wipe all reachable surfaces, mirrors, glass, handles, light switches, etc.
  • We remove dust and dirt from kitchen appliances.
  • Our cleaners remove the trash.

Home Cleaning in the bathroom

  • We clean and disinfect the faucet, sink, toilet.
  • Our cleaners dust and wipe switches, mirrors and glass, handles as well as all reachable surfaces.
  • We wash showers and baths.
  • Our cleaners remove trash.
  • We wash the floors.

Home Cleaning Services in Bedrooms and Common Areas

  • Our cleaners provide dry floor cleaning with a vacuum or a broom.
  • We provide wet cleaning of floors and baseboards.
  • Our professionals make beds and change linens.
  • Our team cleans glass and mirror surfaces.
  • We provide wet cleaning of windowsills.
  • Our cleaners clean any mirrors.
  • We dust your furniture, interior items, home appliances, design elements.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Our House Cleaning Service Orlando?

House Cleaners Orlando Live Clean Today

  1. Save time and energy – These days, most people appreciate the time in their tight schedules. It is difficult to maintain a regular cleaning routine. Our team can provide a part time house cleaning Orlando and our cleaners will do most of the housework for you. We help you to save your energy for other activities. It leaves you time to spend with friends and family members or for self-improvement. You also get time to have rest.
  2. We guarantee your privacy – When it comes to family matters our house cleaners Orlando will guarantee you privacy. Providing house cleaning our skilled team won’t be a witness of every little thing that happens in your home, a situation that would otherwise make it impossible to maintain privacy.
  3. Efficiency – Cleaners of our house cleaning service will usually be someone with expertise in what they are doing. Our customers shouldn't worry about how the work will be done because we control from the beginning to the end. You only have to provide us with all your requirements and needs, and let our cleaners work their magic on your home.
  4. We will make your place comfortable to stay – Dirty home with the surfaces that are full of bacteria and germs can cause illnesses for you and your family. It can also lead to other health risks, for example, a slippery floor will increase chances of different injuries such as sprains. All our customers want to have a healthy environment around their home for the safety of their loved ones. Hiring our house cleaning service Orlando will help you achieve the needs of our customers by making sure a home is clean always. Our house cleaning Orlando will reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and leave your home with clean air to breath and a fresh look.
  5. We use green products for house cleaning – Today the environment is as important to our cleaning company as to you. That's why we offer the latest eco-friendly cleaning products. Our green products are safe products that minimize the harmful effects of the house cleaning service. Some of our packages for eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing are completely biodegradable. Live Clean Today has picked all of the cleaning products we use to be safe and eco-friendly.
  6. Flexible schedule – Our house cleaners Orlando will provide cleaning services that are customized to suit your needs. We offer various packages of house cleaning and you can choose one that is fit your schedule. The packages are developed to suit your requirements and preferences; they can be weekly, biweekly, or thrice a week according to your needs. In addition, our cleaning team offers flexibility in budget, which we determine according to the number of cleaning sessions you require.
  7. No hidden fee – Live Clean Today has no hidden fees for house cleaning that we tell you at the last minute. We offer a clear fee structure, time involved and services offered, so our clients will have the complete picture before hiring our house cleaning service.
  8. No contract – Our cleaning team won't ask our customers to sign any legal contract that binds them to our house cleaning service Orlando indefinitely. You can hire our cleaning company for what service you need and when you need house cleaning Orlando, and our staff will get the job done. If you no longer need our house cleaners Orlando, you can terminate them at any time.

Live Clean Today takes the customers satisfaction very seriously and has done everything to make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us. Our company can schedule our house cleaning around your schedule, so give us a call at 407-669-9010 to get started.

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