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Imagine how you are coming home to a healthy and sparkling clean house. At Live Clean Today, our primary concern is the well-being of your family. Our cleaning company has worked on developing our cleaning system since 2008. We’ve made our mission to provide our clients with a brilliant clean home without dangerous chemical residues. Also, our professionals are focused on providing detailed and thorough maid services in Orlando fl that will exceed your expectations. Our skilled cleaners are professionally trained, so be sure we will complete the best maid service in Orlando in timely and efficient manner.

Our philosophy of health and wellness in everything we do make our customers love and trust our maid cleaning service. We are an exceptional maid service in Orlando fl that provides thorough cleaning solutions for every inch of your place. Live Clean Today combines personalized service, commercial-grade systems, and the best client care to provide an experience that will leave you satisfied.

Our cleaning company is the best maid service in Orlando that delivers non-toxic and green house cleaning from floor-to-ceiling. We offer different types of maid cleaning service such as recurring cleaning for busy families with hectic schedules or one-time cleaning to prepare your house for a special event. No matter the size of your home or whatever your requirements are, maid service Orlando has a solution for you.

The Best Results for Every Inch of Your Home With Our Maid Services in Orlando fl

As we know, every home has its own unique cleaning requirements. Some rooms need more attention for cleaning than others. For example, a kid’s bedroom should be cleaned more often than the living room. Our cleaning company understands that every home has its own style, preferences and routines. That’s why Live Clean Today offers a variety of maid cleaning service to suit every home and budget.

What To Expect With Our Best Maid Service in Orlando

If you need an occasional cleaning before a holiday for your place needs or you’re looking for regular cleanings, it can be difficult for you to choose the right cleaning company. All you need is to fill out our estimate form, and our manager will call to discuss all the details of our maid cleaning service for your house, or you can skip this step and call our cleaning company Live Clean Today.

After the appointment, our professional cleaners will come to your home and start cleaning. If you have a tough schedule, you can do your work and trust us cleaning your house! Moreover, there’s no need to supply any cleaning products. Live Clean Today provides all cleaning supplies and equipment that are safe for your family and the environment. If you have any more questions or concerns about an upcoming cleaning contact us today!

Maid Cleaning Service Live Clean Today

One-Time Cleanings

Are you planning to have holiday with your big family or do you want your home sparkling clean before your guests coming? You don't need scrambling, schedule one-time cleaning with Live Clean Today. One-time maid service Orlando is perfect for many occasions, but many of our customers schedule it before a special event or as part of the spring cleaning regimen. In addition, you can use our occasional cleaning service as a gift! Our maid services in Orlando fl on request will be a nice gift for people in your life that matter most, for example on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, a new baby arrival, so they will appreciate coming to a clean house.

Regular Cleanings

Some homeowners spend their weekend sweeping, dusting or mopping. It's not a good idea to spoil your weekend. Especially when you have a lot of things to catch up on over the weekend, the last thing you want to do is to spend many hours cleaning your home only to repeat this cleaning process in a week again. Life’s too short to spend your weekends cleaning a house!

With our best maid service in Orlando, you can say hello to rest on weekends and goodbye to the cleaning of a dirty house. You can be sure that allergens, dust, and bacteria are getting removed on a regular basis. We take care of creating a comfortable, clean and safe living environment for your and your family.

The Best Products for Maid Cleaning Service from Live Clean Today

Our cleaning company understands that everyone needs to have a clean and healthy home. That’s why our skilled team uses the products, tools and processes that are in the best interest of our environment and every client whose life we touch.

  • Safe and effective supplies – We guarantee that everything we use for cleaning your home doesn’t include any damage to your items.
  • Green cleaning service – Our cleaning company has tested hundreds of cleaning products to bring the highest level of our maid service Orlando, while still being safe for the environment.

What maid services in Orlando fl are provided by Live Clean Today?

Maid Orlando

Our team offers such regular cleaning services as:

Standard cleaning service

  • General tidying.
  • Dusting wall hangings, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, decorative items and furniture.
  • Removing cobwebs.
  • Vacuuming all floors.

Extra cleaning service

  • Washing window over sink.
  • Removing trash from your wastebaskets.
  • Making beds.
  • Vacuuming room furniture.

Deep cleaning service for additional fee

  • Wiping woodwork such as door frames, baseboards, cabinet exteriors, window sills and paneling.
  • Cleaning interior windows, French doors, sliding glass doors.
  • Cleaning underneath area rugs.
  • Spot cleaning of the walls.
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture, bedding, pillows, mattresses, stuffed animals, drapes, carpet edging, window blinds, and HVAC vent covers.
  • Cleaning underneath/behind movable furniture.
  • Polishing silver.

Please contact our cleaning company to discuss individual cleaning needs.

How to Choose the Best Maid Service in Orlando

Here at Live Clean Today, we offer maid cleaning services based on your requirements and needs, including housekeeping, house cleaning, apartment cleaning and business cleaning. All of our workers are vetted through a screening process, so our customers can rely on us to do thorough and honest work. Our cleaning company offers competitive rates for maid service Orlando.

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