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Office cleaning isn’t just about flooring and windows. There are very many dirty places and things in offices that are commonly overlooked by regular cleaning companies. If you want the best office cleaning services Orlando, you should choose a cleaning company that cleans these eight places and items in your office.

Office cleaning service Orlando

  1. Desks – A recent study suggests that the average office desk has more dirt and germs (400 times more) than a toilet seat. Visualizations in the study reveal the presence of deadly germs like helicobacter pylori, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, among many others on the typical office desk. What’s more shocking is these germs are present even on office desks that are cleaned regularly. So, where’s the disconnect? While most office desks are wiped regularly, cleaning is focused on the surface. The study also reveals that some desks are dirtier than others in a typical office i.e., sales and marketing staff have the dirtiest desks. This study, along with many others uncover poor office cleanliness standards in most offices.
  2. Copy machine – Almost everyone in an office uses the copy machine. Copy machine covers and buttons are among the dirtiest parts of copy machines for obvious reasons – they are touched by almost everyone throughout the day but tend to be ignored during cleaning. Also, most office cleaning services don’t know how to clean copiers properly. Furthermore, even in the cleanest offices, majority of the workers (80%) still go to work with flues and stomach bugs, which are easily spread through contact and using shared office items like copiers.
  3. Office kitchens – Most offices have common kitchens. Although an office kitchen is supposed to be one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest places in an office, studies «paint» a different picture. According to one such study measuring the contamination levels in offices across the U.S., traces of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) exceeding healthy levels were found on microwave door handles, break room faucets as well as sinks. ATP is common in yeast, bacteria and mold cells. Traces above 300 increase the risk of spreading illnesses. Office sinks and faucets were found to be the dirtiest with microwave door handles following closely. Other studies reveal equally dirty office kitchen items like coffee pot handles. In fact, one study has found coffee pot handles to harbor bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Studies tracking the spread of germs in the office have also revealed that germs usually end up on coffee pot handles. This study highlights the importance of contracting an office cleaning service that cleans your office thoroughly.
  4. Elevator buttons – Elevator buttons are another hidden source of germs in offices. Most offices have an elevator that everyone uses several times a day. According to a study done to investigate the cleanliness of elevator buttons, 61% of all elevator buttons were found to have germs (microbiological growth) over a 10-day study period. What’s shocking is; the study was conducted in hospital elevators, which are expected to be cleaner than office elevators. Furthermore, the study showed toilet surfaces to be cleaner than elevator buttons (61% vs. 41% cleaner). It’s accurate to conclude that most office cleaning services overlook elevator buttons during cleaning. Elevator walls and doors could be cleaner than buttons since buttons are usually overlooked. Does your office cleaning service Orlando include thorough elevator cleaning?
  5. Office mugs – You are also better off using your own mug at work according to studies. A study conducted by a microbiologist Charles P. Gerba, from the University of Arizona reveals that 20% of office mugs that are considered clean contain traces of coliform bacteria (fecal matter). What’s more shocking is – all office mugs wiped using communal dishcloths show traces of coliform bacteria with 20% having traces of E. coli. The same study uncovers germs on cabinets that hold office mugs. This study shows the importance of avoiding office mugs and communal dishcloths that are considered clean. The study also raises concerns on the cleanliness of office appliances like dishwashers and kitchen cabinets.
  6. Keyboards – We touch our keyboards at work more than we touch our phones among other office equipment. Although most offices have computers reserved for each worker, keyboards are still among the dirtiest items in offices. 27% of keyboards in offices have ATP levels that exceed healthy levels i.e., above 300. If you are concerned about contamination in offices, you should start by cleaning your keyboard or choosing office cleaning services Orlando that offer thorough cleaning of keyboards among other commonly overlooked office items.
  7. Pens – If you are among the few people that don’t use a pen at work, count yourself lucky. One study found 14% of pens contain germs (staphylococcus aureus). Considering it was a home germ study, we can only imagine how dirty office pens are considering they are used often and can easily qualify as one of the most shared items in offices.
  8. Office chair – According to a group of San Diego University researchers, the back of most office chairs is packed with bacteria. The study finds this section of your office chair to be commonly touched but rarely cleaned. According to the study, contamination in workplaces is aided by where many people frequently touch but forget to clean (wipe, sanitize, or wash).

The above information highlights the dirtiest office items and places that are commonly overlooked during cleaning. What’s more interesting is, most studies on office cleanliness are done in offices that are regularly cleaned. It’s therefore accurate to conclude that most offices aren’t cleaned thoroughly. That’s where office cleaning services in Orlando like «Live Clean Today» come in handy.

«Live Clean Today» has been cleaning offices in Orlando thoroughly for over a decade (since 2008). The company prides itself on offering thorough and guaranteed services using green cleaning methods and 100% all-natural cleaning products. If you are keen on avoiding the seven sick days a year statistic per U.S. worker, you need office cleaners like «Live Clean Today» who clean commonly overlooked items and places in the office and have insurance coverage in case of anything. Get a FREE, No-obligation quote now.

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