Commercial Janitorial Services in Spokane

Commercial janitorial services are important to ensure that your business space remains as clean as it should be. At Live Clean Today, our business is built on a reputation for high quality services. Whether your building is a church, a school, a bank or a courthouse, you can rest assured that we have everything under control.

We believe that janitorial services are more than mopping floors or dusting blinds. We offer a customized cleaning plan to ensure that any unique cleaning needs you may have are met. Our cleaning professionals are trained to provide a wide variety of commercial cleaning services for businesses of all types.

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Banks are places with extremely tight security and special cleaning needs. We at Live Clean Today understand the special procedures required to ensure that sensitive data is protected and secure areas remain protected. Because banking is an extremely competitive industry, we understand that image is a key component of marketing. We will give your bank the most thorough cleaning it has ever had to make it shine in the eyes of your customers.

Daycare and Nurseries

Daycare centers and nurseries are places where parents leave their children while they go to work for the day. Daycare centers require special cleaning procedures to help keep germs down and children safe. We use non-toxic cleaning supplies to help keep the environment safe for babies and children.

Medical Facilities

The professionals at Live Clean Today understand the need for a clean medical facility to maintain the health of those who work there. We wear the appropriate protective equipment and follow all required safety rules to ensure the safety of our workers and your building.


Churches pose a unique cleaning challenge. Many churches contain dining areas and nurseries in addition to the worship area and bathrooms. We can help you maintain each area of your church and free you up to serve the people who attend with our commercial janitorial services.