Professional Housekeeping Service in Spokane

Cleanliness is important whether you live in your home, rent it or try to sell to prospective buyers. Proper housekeeping can improve the quality and appeal of your home, from country cottages to modern apartments. A fresh-smelling and perfectly clean home brings immediate peace and comfort.

If you need help with cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, laundry or running errands, Live Clean Today will provide you with our range of housekeeping services Spokane that can ease the pressure and keep your home exactly the way you like it.

We understand that every home has its needs and requirements, so we take careful note of your preferences. We control the services you receive and we strive to meet your own personal standard of housekeeping.

Our spokane housekeeping services is managed by professional cleaning company Live Clean Today. With nearly 10 years’ experience in providing high-quality assistance, our cleaners are dedicated to provide the best housekeeping service to suit your lifestyle and home.

Why Turn to Live Clean Today for Your Housekeeping Cleaning Services?

At Live Clean Today, no detail is too small to matter. Our cleaning company strives to leave each home better and brighter than we found it before cleaning so that our customers can enjoy the utmost relaxation. Our cleaners will take the burden of housekeeping out of your hands and transform your home into a clean, sweet-smelling place for your family to enjoy it.

Our housekeeping services are professional, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. You can always rely on our incredible level of quality whether we provide a one-time cleaning or Spokane housekeeping services each week.

Housekeeping Service

Reasons why should you turn to Live Clean Today for your housekeeping service:

Commitment to your satisfaction

With the years of our experience, we believe in the service we provide. Our cleaning company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to every client that's why we continue upholding a rigorous standard of excellence. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we will change the situation at no additional cost.

Eco-friendly products

Live Clean Today is dedicated to using effective yet eco-friendly products that are safe for the whole family, including your pets. You can breathe easy knowing that your health is our priority in the provided services such as housekeeping.

Free Estimates

Our cleaning company provides transparent housekeeping services without any surprises along the way. At the beginning of our spokane housekeeping services, we will assess your home, answer your questions, and provide a no-obligation quote upfront.

We always improve the quality of our housekeeping service

At Live Clean Today, our cleaners are not interested in cutting corners. We always strive to provide the most thorough service possible such as to clean spaces you may not even think of. Visible dust is an easy task, but our professional team does a proper housekeeping during every visit.

What Do Our Housekeeping Services Cover?

Live Clean Today offers both one-off and regular support with the following tasks:

  • Cleaning services

A clean house always feels welcoming and cozy. Our spokane housekeeping services can help to make your house comfortable. Our cleaners will complete many tasks such as:

Area What We Provide
  1. Clean outside of cupboards, countertops, backslash, sinks and taps, exterior of the fridge, exterior of the stove, interior and exterior of microwave.
  2. Vacuum and wash floors.
  3. Remove garbage.
Living Room
  1. Dust surfaces, picture frames.
  2. Remove cobwebs.
  3. Clean baseboards, laundry room.
  4. Vacuum and mop under beds, stairs.
  5. Dust and wipe window sills, blinds.
  6. Vacuum carpets.
  7. Vacuum and wash floors.
  8. Remove trash.
  1. Clean exteriors of vanities and countertops, wall tiles, mirrors.
  2. Clean and sanitize bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks and taps.
  3. Vacuum and wash floors.
  4. Empty trash bins.
  1. Make beds.
  2. Dust lamps and lamp shades, furniture within reach, picture frames, window sills, light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents.
  3. Clean mirrors and glass surfaces.
  4. Clean floors (vacuum, sweep, mop).
  5. Remove cobwebs.
  6. Wipe doors, handles, light switches, baseboards.
  7. Empty trash.
  • Laundry and ironing

You can order our spokane housekeeping services and ease your life because sometimes a large pile of laundry and ironing can be enough to put anyone under pressure. Our professional cleaners can complete your laundry and ironing within your home and do other duties you may need our help with.

  • Preparing meals and snacks

All of our assistants are trained in preparing meals even if you follow strict dietary requirements, and have personal preferences. They can prepare delicious and nutritious meals to suit your tastes and clean up afterwards too.

  • Shopping and running errands

Our services don't only include jobs connected with your home. Assistants can complete different tasks such as to go to the Post Office or to collect food shopping and other essentials.

  • Pet care

Our housekeeping service can be adapted to your pets and our assistants will give them the best possible care - whether this be emptying your cat’s litter trays, taking your dog on daily walks, or ensuring that your pet has a fresh bowl of water.

  • Special cleaning tasks

We provide a completely flexible service that allows our customers set specific tasks for a day based on their needs. You can rely on our professional team because our assistants will always follow your direction.

Book Our Housekeeping Services Today!

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  • Meet our experts – Discuss and determine your needs and requirements.
  • Receive our help from our professional cleaners at home – You don't need to provide the materials and equipment that our cleaners need to provide housekeeping service, such as cleaning cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a mop and cleaning sprays.