Live Clean Today: Knows How To Clean Your House?

Maybe you’re hosting guests or you're having a party in your home that means your house needs a deep clean or cleaning on a less-frequent basis than our regular service. Live Clean Today knows how to clean house and has a custom cleaning service designed to your needs. If you don't know how to clean your house you can rely on our professional team, not depending whether we clean one-time or on the regular basis, your house will sparkle clean when we leave.

With our environmentally friendly cleaning services, we know how to clean a house on the surface and deep down as well. Our attention to details is what customers love about our service.

We Provide the Deep Clean That Your Home Needs

At Live Clean Today, we know how to clean house and understand the preferences of every homeowner that is why we proudly offer customizable cleaning plans. Our professional team will help you clean your house not depending whether you need us to provide move in/out cleaning service, come by before a special event or spruce up your home before the holidays. Our trained cleaning professionals use eco-friendly cleaning products to deep-clean your property from top to bottom.

You Can Rely On Us Because We Know How To Clean Your House In The Best Way

With us, you never need to worry about whether or not we will do a good job. We provide a customized plan how to clean a house and make every corner looks sparkling clean every time we visit!


Our cleaners give a lot of attention to the bathroom because it is considered as the one of the dirtiest parts of the house. We clean sinks, bathtubs, basins, tiles, counters, faucets, mirrors, towel racks, cabinets, and floors.


Our pros often start cleaning in this area of your home and focus on your cabinets, floors, counters, back splashes, dishwasher, appliances, refrigerators, oven exteriors, stove, faucets, sinks, and more.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so you can rely on our team to make it looks beautiful. Our cleaners will make your bed (or change sheets if you provide clean ones), clean lamps, tables, furniture, mirrors, floors and more!

Living Areas

In your living room, our professional team will dust and clean all furniture, vacuum your carpets and mop your floors.

You Can Choose How To Clean House: One-off And a Regular Home Cleaning

If you are looking for a one-off deep cleaning for your house, Live Clean Today will offer a team of fully equipped cleaners.

We also provide regular home cleaning, where we appoint a dedicated cleaner to handle the chores at your place frequently. If you want to be confident that you will be pleased with our cleaning service, you can request an initial one-off appointment, and then book regular cleaning services for your house.

Why Choose Live Clean Today

When you’re looking for a reliable cleaning company in Spokane that knows how to clean your house and can take care of your home, Live Clean Today offers you the perfect balance of quality and price. Our cleaners are friendly, polite and hard-working, they will never put off a current cleaning task for the next visit.

Live Clean Today is eager to establish a long-term relationship with our customers, based on mutual trust and our ability to provide the best results in house cleaning.

Reasons to call us right now:

  • Competitive flat rates.
  • Flexible schedules including late nights, weekends and bank holidays.
  • Our cleaners are well-trained, vetted and insured.
  • We use green solutions and products for cleaning your house.
  • Free estimates over the phone.
  • Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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