How To Clean Your House

  • how to clean a house
  • how to clean house
  • how to clean your house
  • how to clean a house

The tips below enables you to know how to clean your house fast within a short time. There are many household chores to complete like washing dishes, laundry, and intensive kitchen cleaning. However, try to avoid distractions when starting the cleaning process.

Have a plan

How to clean your house within the set time, you must have a plan. Establish a system that enables you to clean the house every time the same way. Work from one room to the next, from start to finish. Always start from the same spot to avoid wasting time going forth and back. Consistency in your plan is vital to establishing a cleaning routine. Speed improves when you have consistency and a good cleaning routine.

Start from top to bottom and right to left

Do not start cleaning your room by wiping your coffee table then going to the blinds. The dust from the window blinds will coat the already clean coffee table. Start right at the top of your room by dusting the ceiling and working your way down to the floor. This ensures you cover the whole areas instead of darting from one place to the next. When you work from right to left, you will clean all areas in the house.

Squeegee your windows for a streak free finish

A window squeegee is affordable and cleans well. Place a drop of your soap in a liter of water and wipe your windows generously using a cloth and then squeegee it off. Clean from top to bottom and wipe the blade at the bottom each time. Alternatively, you can use a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth. Wipe the windows in horizontal strokes while moving from top to bottom. Do not clean your windows while rubbing the cloth in circles as it leaves streaks. Avoid wiping the glass with paper towels or newspaper as they leave a residue.

Have the right tools on stand by

Have all the cleaning products and tools in place to avoid wasting time fetching them from the storage areas once the cleaning has started. Wear an apron and fill your pocket with the cleaning products. You only need to pour the cleaning products in small bottles that are easy to carry around. Have your spray bottles ready and place your supplies in a bucket or caddy to save time. It also shows good organization as you can access anything you want while cleaning.

How To Clean House?

Be proactive

When learning how to clean house, you should know that there are problems you can stop before they cause problems. Use a shower cleaner to prevent grime and scum in your bath. Simply spray it and leave. Spray it, rinse and walk away every time you take your shower to prevent dirt in your shower.

how to clean a house

Dust without spraying

Use feather dusters to clean your blinds, nooks, pictures and other areas. The feathers tackle dust and fit well in your back pocket. The duster is good for routine cleaning. However, if there is heavy buildup, use a vacuum cleaner or cloth. You can use the duster after every two weeks.

Cut through your kitchen grease

Grease always ends up on the kitchen cabinets next to the range. But a cleaner and use it together with an orange oil to wipe off grease. Alternatively, you can use a grease cutting dishwashing detergent. This leaves your cabinets sparkling clean just like the dishes. Mix a tablespoon of the liquid detergent with a liter of warm water. Test the solution in the inconspicuous areas and wipe it with a cloth or clean sponge to ensure it does not discolor or damage the finish. Rinse off with warm water and a different sponge. For tough stains, mix water with baking soda and scrub the area lightly using a cloth.

Lemon cleaner

It is suitable for cleaning porches, patios, garage floors, and driveways. The acid in the lemon dissolves rush. Halve the lemon and squeeze the juice on the stain and leave it for 10 minutes to soak. If the stains have been on the concrete for months, or weeks just scrub with a hard bristle brush and rinse off with clean water, lemon juice and gunk.

Removing bathroom mold

Molds can grow in your bathroom if it has poor ventilation. Use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to remove the mildew and mold. Spray the liquid on the molds and mildew for 3 minutes, and the fungus will be no more. To prevent mold growth just a use a fan when showering and when you finish squeegee the water off the shower door and tile walls. The tips above teaches you how to clean house effectively and comprehensively. Some people do not know how to clean a house well. You can learn now and ensure the home is always clean. Remember to clean the house regularly to keep away dirt and molds or mildews.