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Window Blinds

How to be proud of their appearance again, the easy way.

What Does it Take to Have a Clean Home According to Studies?

According to a 2018 ACI (American Cleaning Institute) survey, 91% of Americans participate in Spring cleaning.

What cleaning products are best used for cleaning the house?

Cleaning products play an important role in our daily lives at home, in school and in the office.

What to Expect from Floor Cleaning Companies

When you want to clean floors in your house, you can sweep or mop but it is difficult to remove all dirt.

Wood Floor Cleaning Products

If you don’t know the right tips how to clean wood floors, maintaining them can be discouraging.

What Cleaning Products Do We Use To Clean Your Home?

Green cleaning is important for keeping families safe and protected from harsh chemicals and germs.

Why You Need To Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

If you want your upholstery dirt and stains cleaned, Live Clean Today is here to help you to restore your upholstery with professional cleaning
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