10 House Cleaning Tips

Everyone loves to have a clean house but hates to clean. According to the statistics, Americans spend about 40 minutes for a day cleaning of their homes.

Advantages of Professional Cleaning Service

A clean home is a healthy and happy home. Sometimes your schedule can be full of work, family or other activities.

Chlorine Bleach

This laundry aid is also an effective disinfectant, but be careful.

Cleaning after Repair and Construction

If you have finished a building improvement project recently you would need construction cleanup service.

Construction Cleanup in Spokane

Obviously, when most people are considering moving out of a home or remodeling, hiring a construction cleanup service company is the last thing in their minds.

Construction Cleanup Service Near Me

Such leftover items as construction materials, sawdust, and paint splatter clutter your newly built or renovated space.

Different types of carpets, various cleaning products

You feel more comfortable at home when there is a nice and soft carpet covering the floor. It creates warm atmosphere and brings cosines.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: House Prep & Cleaning Tips

When you decide to sell your house and want to do it quickly, receiving a large profit, you need to get your house ready to sell. You should understand that the better your home looks, the more chances you have to make a good impression with your buyers.


It’s a pesky cleaning problem. Here’s a tip for making it less of a drag in the future.

Home cleaning service from company Live Clean Today

Although you know everything about your home, you clean each corner in your house, but you may not realize that there are some places you fail to clean, and visitors can notice.

How Much Does Home Cleaning Cost?

In our busy schedule, it is difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to keep your home clean and tidy is to hire our team at Live Clean Today.
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