General Areas

Area Rug

These efficient dirt collectors need regular cleaning to stay in good shape.


The no-backache way to keep them clean.

Chlorine Bleach

This laundry aid is also an effective disinfectant, but be careful.

Computer Keyboard

Easy does it, and watch those liquids around the keys.

Computer Monitor

Flat panels are cleaned differently than the older CRT screens.


Replacing or cleaning the filter regularly is key.


It’s a pesky cleaning problem. Here’s a tip for making it less of a drag in the future.

Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care

This information can help you keep your floors looking their best, longer.

Litter Box

Scoop daily for your cat’s health — and for the sake of your nose.


Turn and vacuum twice a year for better sleep — and better health.


No question about it, pets can be a joy, but they will add to the housekeeping load.


How to care for your upholstery and new standardized cleaning codes...

Window Blinds

How to be proud of their appearance again, the easy way.
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