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  • This laundry aid is also an effective disinfectant, but be careful.


  1. All forms of grease, from the globs left on the bottom of a skillet after cooking to the grimy film build-up on the range hood, are fatty acids. As such, the best way to clean it up is to apply an alkaline solution, and to give the solution time to neutralize the acids.

    Many all-purpose household cleaners are alkaline enough for grease removal, but you can also mix up a solution of equal parts liquid dishwashing detergent and water that is both more aggressive and more economical. Spray a generous amount of the solution on the greasy surface and wait a moment. Ten seconds should be fine for light soiling; 30 seconds-plus, or repeated applications, may be necessary for the heavy-duty jobs. Wipe the surface clean using a damp sponge or cloth. The heavier the grease deposit, the more you’ll have to turn and/or wash out the sponge or cloth. Dry with a clean cloth.

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