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  • This laundry aid is also an effective disinfectant, but be careful.


  1. Unlike a lot of other utensils in the kitchen, knives should not be placed in a dishwasher, where they may scratch other objects, particularly plastics, and perhaps even damage other knives. Wash cutlery soon after use to reduce chances that acids in food scraps will degrade, or even pit, the steel.
  2. Wash knives by hand in warm, soapy water using a nylon pad or scrubber, stroking from handle to tip along the unsharpened edge of the steel so as to avoid cuts. Rinse and then dry with a towel using a similar technique.
  3. Avoid soaking cutlery. Soaking doesn’t do any favors for wooden handles, and it can promote bacteria growth in the crevices between handles and blades.

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