Rain Gutter

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  • This laundry aid is also an effective disinfectant, but be careful.


  1. Gutter cleaning is a routine task in heavily wooded areas of the country. In many locales along the East Coast, Gulf Coast and in the Pacific Northwest, leaves, twigs and other debris may have to be cleaned out two or more times each year.
  2. Perform this job from a ladder, never from a pitched roof above the gutter. If you use an extension ladder, be careful that its footing is secure, and that it is leaning at a safe angle. The basic guideline is to set the ladder one foot out from the building for every four feet it extends above ground. Center the top of an extension ladder over gutter-attaching nails to avoid bending or distorting a galvanized steel gutter. If you have aluminum or vinyl gutters, you'll need to attach a standoff to the ladder and place the standoff against the siding to avoid cracking or breaking the gutter.
  3. Climb the ladder and, wearing protective gloves, scoop out debris by hand or with a garden trowel. To finish the job, use a hose nozzle to spray a strong stream of water in the direction of the downspout to clear out any remaining debris. The downspout may have a screen over the entrance to prevent clogs. You should clean it as well.
  4. Severely clogged downspouts may have to be disassembled and the debris removed.

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