One-Time Cleaning

One-Time Cleaning Service in Spokane You Can Trust

Sometimes, to complete routine house cleaning just isn’t enough. There are always cleaning chores that require going beyond the weekly cleanup, especially when you have a special event soon. Live Clean Today understands such situations and makes every effort to accommodate your needs, regardless of the chore your house requires. Our professional cleaners can prepare your home for guests or parties and take care of the one-time cleaning handy Spokane.

Our cleaning company will provide you with a range of one-time house cleaning services. We’ll take care of your occasional cleaning projects from window cleaning to move-out cleaning in Spokane WA. Call our cleaning company, Live Clean Today, if you need us for one time clean or you want a reliable handy one-time cleaning in Spokane you can turn to throughout the year.

When Do You Need One Time Cleaning Service?

Sometimes certain occasions require you to look for professional help to clean your house. As you will need thorough on-time cleaning services Spokane, Live Clean Today is here to help you.

Special events

New Year, birthday parties, weddings are some of the celebrations that could keep you busy and excited. It is time when you are busy shopping because the celebration is round the corner. You would not want to spend your time vacuuming and mopping. Our professional cleaners will come in handy.

Moving in

If you are going to move into your new home, you are sure to want it to be perfect, clean, and tidy to settle down with comfort. For this occasion, you will need our one-time clean in Spokane.

Moving out

If you are moving out, a new tenant is due to occupy your property; you need to hand over the keys. So we are ready to provide you with move-out cleaning to make your house look as fresh as new.

Spring Cleaning

When spring season comes, you might want a thorough one-time clean for your house from top to bottom. You will need our professional help, as you might not want to add up to your burden.

Guests coming

If you are waiting for your guests, you need your home to look the best. You will want to impress your guests with maximum comfort and a clean environment even if they are going to stay for two hours or for two days. Even if the arrival of the guests is sudden and you do not have enough time to clean your house by yourself, you may request our one-time home cleaning service.

Post-construction cleaning

If your home was remodeled and you are going to back to your home, you will need our simply clean Spokane to justify the facelift given to your house. Since renovation work would require your frequent visits to inspect the process, you can be too exhausted to clean your home. This again highlights you will need our professional assistance.

Welcoming Baby

If you’re anticipating the arrival of a baby, our professional cleaners will offer a one-time cleaning service using eco-friendly cleaning products.


If you are sick and can’t clean your house by yourself or you are in mourning, Live Clean Today can help you and ease your life.

The Benefits of Our Professional One Time Cleaning in Spokane

Helps to save you time

If you want to spend your time with your family or doing what you love, our professional team can help you, giving your home a deep clean that makes your life easier.

Affordable cleaning

Sometimes you don't need regular cleanings but just one time clean for your special event. We are here to help you.

Healthier Environment

It is so amazing to come home into a clean home that will brighten your day and give you time to do what you love. It is much healthier to live in a sanitized environment.


We Provide Move In and Spokane Move Out Cleaning

If you are moving out of your old house in Spokane WA, one of the items on your to-do list is move out cleaning Spokane of the empty house or apartment. Your property owner or new owners can request you to clean the place before you are officially moved out. But packing, you can forget to leave your cleaning supplies out. Don't worry about one time deep cleaning service near me, Live Clean Today can take care of this one-time chore, giving you peace of mind during your move.

Our cleaning company can help you also if you’re moving into a new home. Our skilled cleaners will do a thorough clean before you are settled in a new place. Live Clean Today provides a detailed one-time house cleaning for your convenience because germs or dirt could be lingering from past tenants. Be assured we will clean your new place, and make it healthy and ready to become your home.


What Will Our One Time Cleaning Services Cover?

Our professional cleaning company provides customized one-time cleaning services Spokane so you can choose what you need for your house – a deep or light cleaning. We’ll adapt our cleaning services such as move-out cleaning in Spokane accordingly to your needs and requirements. Whether you require a deep house cleaning or spring cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our services include a typical checklist that involves every room of the house:

  • Kitchen – Our cleaners will show you that no spot is too small for our care and provide you with our service from deep cleaning cabinets and appliances to scrubbing the out-of-sight corners of your kitchen.
  • Bedrooms – Our bedroom cleaning starts with dusting, vacuuming, making the bed, and everything that you need for a clean place.
  • Bathroom – Our skilled team will pay special attention to sanitizing high-touch sections of bathrooms such as mirrors, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and countertops.
  • Living areas – Our cleaners will bring new life into your home’s living areas with thorough dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and furniture cleaning.


Let Us Help With Your One Time Cleaning In Spokane WA!

Sitting around at your empty apartment and waiting for a cleaning team isn't not how you want to spend your Sunday. We guarantee that we will arrive to your home in time! Our cleaning company offers a 100% guarantee and our cleaners are insured and bonded so you are completely covered. Our cleaning service one time includes move-out cleaning in Spokane, cleaning everywhere from inside your refrigerator, inside all cabinets and drawers, inside the microwave, your stove, vent hood, and much more.

Our cleaning company is dedicated to the highest quality standards and fair pricing of our one-time house cleaning services Spokane. We always strive to perfect and 100% customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. Above all, we are committed to the environment and health of our people. Unlike other cleaning companies, Live Clean Today uses eco-friendly products and try not to use the disposable items wherever possible.

We have various levels of one-time maid service, depending on your requirements, and can visit your home daily, weekly, or monthly. Our cleaners are available on short notice and will arrive at your home ready to provide a one clean immediately because we want our clients relationships to be long-lasting.

You can read our reviews from our happy customers whom we’ve provided different cleaning services, for example, move out cleaning. It is our goal to make our customers happy. Live Clean Today wants to be sure that you can spend your free time relaxing instead of scrubbing. Contact us and we’ll customize our one-time home cleaning to your needs!

Our cleaning services in Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum, Mead, Fairwood, Spokane Valley, and beyond won't disappoint!

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