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The home is more than private and comfortable space. Nothing beats the pleasure of coming back to a clean home after a long day. Whether it’s a small apartment or a two-story house, you should have a regular schedule detailing how you’re planning to keep it neat.

Although you should clean the house often, not everyone has the time, equipment, knowledge, or energy to do it. Sometimes, it’s no less than a challenge.

The good news is that you can hire a knowledgeable and experienced company to do the task for you. Live Clean Today specializes in providing apartment cleaners in Spokane done by professionals at a reasonable cost.

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Even small messes can already make these small spaces look untidy. Use Live Clean Today for a valuable clean apartment service that’ll return spaciousness into your Spokane apartment. To have a clean apartment, most people need to buy, use, and store cleaning materials. We understand that some apartments can’t store too many items. But with us, you don’t have to worry about buying, handling, and storing any products. We’ll bring the materials and solutions needed to clean your Spokane apartment.

The products we use to clean apartments include everything from:

  • Vacuums
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Squeegees
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Glass cleaners
  • Antibacterial spray and wipes
  • Gout brushes
  • Stain removers, and more
As a professional apartment cleaning service, we make sure all products we use are non-toxic, eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and well-handled.

A natural clean by a trusted team

Our Quality Apartment Cleaning Services Make All The Difference

Our detailed and professional maid cleaning services cover a wide variety of tasks, including:

One-time cleaning services

It’s a service where you hire an apartment cleaner to prepare your apartment for a big event at home. It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget and can’t hire regular cleaners.

Deep cleaning services

It’s the best way to remove thick grease, mildew, and dust layers. Our strategic and deep cleaning ways can brighten a home that has collected years of dust and grime.

Move-in/out cleaning

Most people don’t feel that a new apartment is clean until they’ve personally done it. The next time you plan to move out, don’t hesitate to use our apartment cleaning services, too!

Reasons To Hire Live Clean Today For A Full Apartment Cleaning

Affordability and reliable quality are the service qualities our company aims to provide. We want you to be confident in our services for the following reasons:


Flexible schedule and budget


Modern, high-quality cleaning equipment


Insured services


Eco-friendly products and methods


Highly trained and trustworthy cleaners


Guaranteed satisfaction to all clients


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A Clean Home...

We Clean Apartment Homes From Top To Bottom!

We’ll give special attention to the most important rooms in your home.

These areas include the following:


Our highly trained cleaners can take over for you. They’ll remove dirt, grime, and cobwebs on bathroom countertops and cabinets to fixtures, ceiling corners, and walls. They’ll also go beyond and clean your other bathroom accessories, including shower curtains, sinks, faucets, tubs, baseboards, doorknobs, and mirrors.


Our experts will wipe down your home’s windowsills, baseboards, frames, and other bedroom furniture, as well as vacuum, freshen up, disinfect, and remove all allergens.


We will go the extra mile and dust, sweep, mop, and remove all the messes in your kitchen. They’ll also disinfect all the surfaces and commonly used kitchen appliances. They’ll wipe down your hood, microwave, switches, stove, sink, dishwasher, faucets, and more. As our clients, you’ll surely enjoy the deep-cleaned floor in your apartments cleaners will leave shining.

Living And Dining Areas

Finally, your living room and dining areas need attention, too. We’ll clean your upholstery, glass surfaces, displays, chairs, tables, and mantels. We’ll also work on apartment balconies and make sure yours is free of dirt, dust, and debris from everything you don’t want in the room. We also specialize in serving clients who haven’t attended to their apartments in a long while.


We Would Be Pleased To Call You Back Free-Of-Charge For A Cleaning Estimate!

Enjoy Apartment Cleaning Services In Spokane!

We’ll give special attention to the most important rooms in your home.

These areas include the following:

We understand that hiring cleaning apartment services can be costly, even if you use our one-time services. It’s why Live Clean Today has cost-efficient offers that we customize to your requests and needs.

On top of that, we have the experience, training, and knowledge to care for your apartment well. We also use green products, modern cleaning equipment, and efficient strategies. You can be sure you get 100% value for your money.

The next time you need professional cleaning services for apartments in Spokane, feel free to contact us anytime to get your estimates.

Our Apartment Cleaning in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Mead, Spokane Valley, and beyond won’t disappoint!

Enjoy A Beautiful Day Out In Spokane

and let the maids at Live Clean take care of your home

Frequently Asked


Still have questions? Ask us!

01 If an independent cleaner is cheaper, why should I hire a cleaning company?

Self-employed cleaners will charge you much less since they are fully paid for their services. However, a professional cleaning company provides customers with more guarantees, reliability and flexible hours as they have a lot of employees. Their teamwork is much faster than the services of an independent cleaner.

02 How often should I have my apartment cleaned?

It depends on your personal needs. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or every month cleaning when you book our apartment cleaning service. Also our professionals provide a deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, event cleaning, and more.

03 Do you use my vacuum and cleaning solutions?

Our team uses our state-of-the-art equipment. We prefer to clean your apartment with our cleaning solutions as all of them are eco-friendly and biodegradable. But if for some reason, you want our cleaners to use your equipment and cleaning solutions, we can arrange that.

04 Should I be present when you clean my apartment?

No, not necessarily. It is your preference to be home or not when our team will arrive to clean your apartment. Our employees are verified and insured. We are fully responsible for the security and safety of your property.


Work Done With Heart

Happy Customers,

Happy Homes!

Elijah PoulosElijah Poulos
18:28 07 Feb 23
We hired LiveCleanToday for a deep cleaning this weekend and we were incredibly impressed by the service. The team of cleaners were very polite, thorough and cleaned places we hadn’t thought to ask them to clean. Everything was spotless and yes…sparkly. We are going to start them on a regular cleaning schedule because we liked them so much.
Emilie GilmoreEmilie Gilmore
10:03 13 Jan 23
We booked LiveCleanToday for a deep cleaning service for our new condo. It was really dirty and they did an amazing job of getting it move in ready!! Booking was easy and there was excellent communication leading up to the date of the service. We are now going to use the cleaning service once a month. Excellent!
Alexis JohnsonAlexis Johnson
20:38 09 Jan 23
My experience with Live Clean Today was one I can't wait to repeat. The dispatcher is so friendly to speak with, and accommodating. I had two cleaners come for 2 hours. The amount they got accomplished was beyond my expectations! They took the time to not only take care of my main priorities, but tidy as well. When they tidied my kids' beds, they even made sure to collect all of my nine year old's paper book marks, cards, and trinkets which meant the world to her (us!). I scheduled a monthly clean for the fantastic communication, extra care, and the shocking speed of these talented cleaners.
Carson HarveyCarson Harvey
02:06 19 Oct 22
I was late moving out of my apartment and needed it cleaned ASAP! I also had a tight budget to manage. The situation seemed pretty impossible to me. They had a team out to my apartment within 2 hours of my quote and did an absolutely phenomenal job with the number of cleaning hours I wanted them to stay in for my budget. I was expecting to need to do finishing touches because the team said they needed more time to clean than I could afford but no, they made it work while also not lacking in the quality of the job! So happy with their services and would recommend to anyone needing their place cleaned after moving!
Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams
02:44 20 Sep 22
I would recommend their cleaning services to anyone looking for quality work with spectacular detail. Out of all the companies I contacted, they were the first to communicate, provide a detailed list of service options and made every effort to work with my schedule. Although they are more costly than the competition, they communicate well, follow instruction but most importantly listen to my needs. Thank you!


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Apartment Cleaning from Live Clean Today

It is always nice to return to a clean and tidy apartment, where everything smells of cleanliness, everything is washed and ironed. If you live in Spokane or near and like it too, but don’t have enough time to keep your house clean, the team of Live Clean Today will help you with this! 


You can order weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning for an affordable price. Or you can use the deep cleaning service when you think you need it.


If you do not know what kind of cleaning your apartment needs: superficial (dust and dirt cleaning) or deep (room disinfection also), you can contact our manager for help. Beforehand, a member of the Live Clean Today team can inspect your apartment and help with cleaning choices.


Many of our clients can do cleaning very well by themselves, but they prefer to use our services because they want to spend their free time with family, friends or relax alone in a clean apartment. There is always little time for rest, we think you don’t want to spend it washing the toilet or cleaning the stove, isn’t it?

Our professionals have special equipment and environmentally friendly products, so they will clean your apartment quickly and efficiently. And most importantly, it is safe, because the products that we use are harmless and do not cause any allergic reactions. Plus, they smell good!

If you will be satisfied with the cleaning from Live Clean Today, together with the manager you could create an individual schedule and determine the regularity of cleanings and the time that is convenient for you.


Our cleaners can bring your apartment to perfect condition, but also save you time that you spend on your daily routine, such as washing dishes, washing and ironing clothes. We also provide these additional services.


And you do not have to worry about the decency of our employees: they are all proven, experienced and intelligent people, since our company has certain standards.


If you have any complaints about the results of the cleaning, tell us, we will fix all problems for free, because we guarantee perfect cleanliness in one session.


Believe us, it is always very pleasant to return to a clean apartment, when you have not spent a minute of your time cleaning it by yourself! And the guests will be delighted.

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