Professional Window Cleaning Services

Windows reflect how you care for your property. A beautiful, clean window gives a glimpse of you as a good homeowner. But you also know, that keeping windows clean is a difficult task.

Live Clean Today has looked after our clients’ homes for over 10 years, and now we are window cleaning experts. We provide window cleaning services Spokane to give you the view you want at an affordable price.

Maybe you think that cleaning a window is an easy task but doing a quality job requires a bit more preparation and finesse then most believe. It is not enough to use a spray bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels because you can see the imperfections of this method when the sun appears in the sky. Our cleaners know that it is important to have the right tools such as squeegees, towels, etc., or smudges or smears will be left on the windows and streaks will be visible.

Window cleaning takes proper technique in order to do it right. We provide professional window cleaning service and have the right equipment. Our professional spokane window cleaner cleans windows for hundreds of clients every year, and we know how to truly make your windows sparkle.

Your Home Will Love Our Professional Window Cleaning

At Live Clean Today, residential and commercial window cleaning spokane wa is at our core. Our professional cleaners know how to treat your windows right and leave you with crystal clear windows.

Our skilled team is experienced in cleaning all types of windows including single or double pane, skylights, French pane, storm windows, glass panels, solariums, patio covers, and more. We’ve got the right equipment and experience to clean every type of window, inside and out.

Our cleaners use the latest in water purification technology to make your windows a spot free and streak free shine. Our high reach water fed poles allow our professional cleaners to reach even the toughest windows. Before to start our window cleaning services we carefully inspect each window and use a microfiber cloth for any stubborn debris.

Window Cleaning Services We Offer

The first thing people see when you approach a house is windows, but they’re not something that is regularly cleaned. It can be a difficult job doing it by yourself, especially if you have a property with multiple large windows. No matter what you have a home or office, cleanliness is essential. Live Clean Today will provide professional spokane window cleaning and help make your glass shine.

There can be various reasons for cleaning windows in Spokane. Maybe you are going to move into a new house and need to do vacate cleaning, or you want to have a full spring clean. Either way, thoroughly clean windows will help make your house feel truly spotless. At Live Clean Today, our well-trained cleaners are available for residential and commercial window washing spokane, so you can enjoy clean glass with your family, friends, customers.

At Live Clean Today, we offer a range of professional window cleaning services to suit the needs of your home:

  • Exterior and interior window cleaning

Live Clean Today provides professional window cleaning service inside and outside. Our cleaners will clean the window quickly and efficiently. Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment to clean all types of window glass in your home, especially if you need double pane window cleaning inside. We are always sure to protect windowsills, and wipe down any overspray, maintaining a clean working environment. When our professional team is done, our customers will notice windows clean.

  • Sunroom Cleaning

Sunroom windows are beautiful when installed, but they accumulate debris, and gunk appears on the glass and in the corners. Our cleaners can clean them completely, and you can enjoy your sunroom as it was intended.

  • Deck Glass Cleaning

Deck glass is constantly treated to the different elements, so they can get dirty very quickly. We provide a thorough window cleaning that make your deck presentable for entertaining again.

  • Skylight Cleaning

Skylight exteriors that is often built where the water runs off always make a gunky mess. Our professional team has the right equipment and tools to safely navigate your roof and make your skylight clean again.

  • Other Window Cleaning Services

You can add window tracks, frames, or screens to any of our residential and commercial window cleaning services to create an affordable package.

Our Strategy For Window Cleaning Services

Our strategy is simple; Live Clean Today offers a high-quality cleaning window to our commercial and residential clients. As a result, our clients stay with us and become our family and friends. Our professional team washington also receives regular reviews on the service we provide. We strive to provide the best window cleaning service in Spokane, using our Strategy:

  1. Purified water – Our cleaners use the pure water technology for professional window cleaning service. With this technology, your windows will stay clean for up to 3 times longer. We don't use the traditional method of soap and water because we want your windows to stay clean for long time. We can state that using soap and water for residential and commercial window cleaning is ineffective. You can notice that a sticky soapy residue left behind on your window glass, which makes them looking as if they were not cleaned. Sticky and soapy residue on your windows attract more dirt to the glass. This means within just a couple of weeks your windows will become dirty again. To clean your windows again will cost you more money because you have them cleaned again every couple of weeks instead of needing your windows cleaned once every 6 weeks. At Live Clean Today, when our professional team cleans windows, we only use purified water. That's why we can guarantee that none of that sticky and soapy residue will be left behind on your windows after we have cleaned them. Purified water leaves no horrible mineral deposits on your windows when they dry and helps clean your windows much better that standard tap water does.
  2. High Reach Water Fed Poles –For cleaning the window better, our cleaners use the water fed pole system instead of using ladders. With high reach water fed poles, we can reach windows safely way above the ground floor to windows on the second and third floors, even across sloping roofs. This helps us not to damage the outside of your property or any of your roof tiles.

Affordable Window Cleaning Services!

Let Live Clean Today improve your view with professional services of window cleaning spokane. Our skilled professionals will use special equipment and products to scrape the window clean if it has tough spots. If you need to clean a screen of the windows, we'll do it. Whether you have a small storefront or a large retail complex and need a reflect window cleaning, our well-trained cleaners will provide the right cleaning services for you.

At Live Clean Today, we provide an excellent window cleaning service because our clients are very important to us. Our cleaners will offer the very best window cleaning service to you and at the most affordable price. Making you happy makes us happy!

So, if you would like to get a quote from our professional and reliable window cleaning company in Spokane, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 509-218-3874. Or fill out our online contact form on the website and we will get right back to you!