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Our Steps For Cleaning Carpets

Live Clean Today has become a trusted name in carpet cleaning Spokane. Our professionals use a unique cleaning process to provide a deeper, longer-lasting carpet cleaning combined with eco-friendly solution that is safe for your kids and pets. We are ready to provide carpet cleaning that is healthy for you, your family, and your home.
Our carpet cleaners in Spokane WA will come to your home and determine the type of your carpet and the type of soil. Then we will recommend you the safest and most effective method and product for cleaning your carpet



Our professional team will move furniture to prevent them touching the wet carpet
We will place all our equipment and products on a protective floor covering.



High-traffic and heavily-soiled areas will be pre-treated and receive additional agitation before the chosen cleaning method
We will return back all our equipment and tools to our vehicle. We will place traffic line paper at high traffic areas to protect the freshly cleaned carpet while drying. You can inspect our job and give us your feedback about carpet cleaning Spokane WA

The end of our process


Our Spokane carpet cleaner will perform the chosen cleaning method for your carpet. After cleaning, we place an air mover to expedite the drying of the cleaned surfaces
We will apply protectants to the carpet to prevent future soils from creating unnecessary needs for carpet cleaner Spokane

Soil protection

Frequently asked questions

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01 Is it worth having carpets cleaned?
You often ask yourself this question. What is better? New carpet or clean old one? A general rule is to replace your carpets when they pose health risks like harboring mold or allergens. Carpets should be changed when they cause harm. However, if your carpets have just a few stains, you can likely get professional cleaning help to restore them to their original glory.
02 What does professional carpet cleaning include?
The very first thing is wet cleaning with shampoo and a vacuum cleaner. Hot water extraction. Rinsing – sometimes done by submerging rugs in water. Dry vacuuming – done after chemical cleaning is done.
03 Should I vacuum before carpet cleaners come?
Yes, it will help them get started right away. Removing dirt and debris from the carpet allows the carpet cleaner to focus on the dirt that is embedded in your carpet fibers.
04 What to expect when getting carpets cleaned?
When you work with a carpet cleaning company, you can feel great knowing that your carpets are receiving the deepest possible clean. uring your carpet cleaning appointment, you can expect that your carpet cleaners will use advanced equipment to remove dirt, stains, and other substances from your carpets.
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