Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

Live Clean Today provides industrial cleaning and plant maintenance for a wide variety of industries including power plants, telecom, natural gas and food and beverage. We have all the tools and experience needed to perform effective industrial cleaning services and maintenance. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions for our industrial clients in order to meet technical requirements while maintaining our high quality standards throughout the entire cleaning process.

Our cleaning professionals are trained in all areas of equipment operation, site safety and compliance. Our trained individuals can accommodate your needs and will match the appropriate equipment to the task at hand for safe and efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Live Clean Today can perform cleaning and maintenance of the following:

  • Liquid vacuuming;
  • Steam and boiler cleaning;
  • Air monitoring;
  • Grit blasting;
  • Dry product removal;
  • Facility decontamination;
  • And more.

Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning is an effective process for cleaning heat exchangers and is useful in the removal of pitch, high paraffin oil and other residues from process equipment. The addition of certain chemicals can further enhance the cleaning process.

High Pressure Washing
High pressure washing is a safe and effective method for cleaning interior and exterior surfaces. High pressure washing is one of the most common industrial cleaning services and can be used on just about any area of a process plant or other industrial facility.

Oil-water separators are expensive to maintain and often suffer from sludge build-up, excessive floating oil and spilled chemicals. Without the proper maintenance, oil-water separators can become ineffective and may end up discharging oil into the sewage system. We can help you maintain your oil-water separators with additional industrial cleaning services such as sludge pumping, bioremediation and waste transportation/disposal.

If you are in need of industrial cleaning services in the Spokane area, consider using Live Clean Today. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your industrial operations running smoothly.

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