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Office Cleaning Services in Spokane

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    We work hard to ensure the offices in Spokane, WA are clean, hygienic, and presentable

    Commercial Office Cleaning Services

    Cleaning office buildings and workplaces requires a detailed, systematic approach, experience, and the right tools for the job. When you choose Live Clean Today, you get all three. By entrusting your office cleaning responsibilities to us, you can get on with more important tasks — such as running your business!

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    Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning chores for good


    You have one life to live. The last thing you want to spend your time doing is cleaning. That’s why investing in a reliable and proven cleaning company like Live Clean Today can be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. And the best news of all? We offer all of the cleaning services you need in one place including…

    Why Choose Professional Office Cleaning Services

    Too many businesses are trying to keep the cleaning of small offices in-house. But when they do this, standards suffer, and attention is taken away from more important duties. When you hire professional commercial office cleaning services, however, quality is assured. We will remove the burden of workplace and office cleaning from you and your employees.

    Outsourcing office cleaning services can potentially cut costs, as we provide everything needed to deliver the service. We will use our experience and vast expertise to ensure every square inch of your work environment is clean, sanitized, and presentable. This leaves you and your team free to run your business.

    Rave reviews are officially in for Live Clean Today

    As they say, talk is cheap – results are everything. And positive results are exactly what we strive for with every one of our clients here at Live Clean Today. But don’t take our word for it. Be sure to read through many of the glowing reviews and feedback we’ve received from our customers…

    Chloe ThosathChloe Thosath
    17:12 30 Jan 24
    I had a very great experience having them come clean my house top to bottom! The two gals who came were very friendly and did an amazing job!
    Nicole RichiNicole Richi
    18:51 26 Jan 24
    They were so nice and did an amazing job! Will be using again!!
    Marie EatonMarie Eaton
    00:37 10 Jan 24
    This is a cautionary tale.Things I wish I would’ve done before and after the cleaning team came to my homeBe sure to video the areas that the cleaning team is going to be in, including Appliance surfaces, ceramic, glassware And anything that can be harmed or broken.Have the team sign in once they have begun the work, and the time of finishing their work. This time should not include their setting up their supplies and equipment, nor the taking down of their supplies and equipment.Again record the condition of your home of all appliances, furniture ceramics, or anything else that could have been broken or damaged in the Presence of the employees before they leave your premises.This is a cautionary tale as my range hood and stove were severely damaged by the cleaning team that came to my homeThe company’s insurance for liability of damage denied the claim. The Denial of the claim was based on their findings that the damages could not be proved that they were not pre-existing.I am posting the pictures of the damage that was incurred by the afore mentioned cleaning team from Live Clean today.The cost of replacing the stove and the range hood, and the new electrical connection required by law is going to be close to $2000.The company was very cooperative in their concern for the damage. They refunded the cost of the cleaning in the amount of $315.
    Heather AHeather A
    18:36 31 Dec 23
    The two ladies who deep cleaned my home did a wonderful job. My baseboards look spotless, the window wells look brand new, the oven and glass stove top are so clean (better than I've ever been able to do on my own). I'm so impressed! There was even this sticker residue left on a window from when our house was built (builders never removed it) and I hadn't been able to remove it during the two years I'd lived in this house. The ladies got rid of it and you can't even tell anything had been there to begin with! They are so knowledgeable and experts at their job. I will for sure use them again!
    Courtney WilsonCourtney Wilson
    20:45 08 Dec 23
    Anya and Irina were absolutely fantastic! Thorough, kind, detailed-oriented. My house has never looked this clean.
    Brian ColemanBrian Coleman
    10:36 29 Nov 23
    Gladys LopezGladys Lopez
    09:57 29 Nov 23
    My house in Town and Country had been yearning for a deep clean for what felt like ages. We were very busy with our business lately so didn’t have time for the cleaning at all.Certain spots had become more than just a little unkempt, to the point of being genuinely soiled. The toilet, with its rusty stains, seemed beyond salvation, and the oven had accumulated layers of grease that made cooking feel like a chore. When I decided to call in the professionals, I wanted the best, and that's when I turned to Live Clean Today.From the very start, their team showed not only professionalism but also a deep understanding of what my home needed. They approached each task with dedication, ensuring that the most challenging areas were given the attention they deserved. By the time they were done, it felt like a transformation. The toilet, which I had nearly given up on, was gleaming, and the oven looked as if it was brand new. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about rejuvenating the space you live in, and Live Clean Today managed to do just that for my home. I can't express how grateful I am for their impeccable service and would recommend them to anyone who wants to see their home shine
    Ferdinand TaylorFerdinand Taylor
    13:28 19 Nov 23
    Timothy MooreTimothy Moore
    11:20 19 Nov 23
    Marioey HamphrMarioey Hamphr
    15:04 18 Nov 23
    Michaela ThompsonMichaela Thompson
    00:21 18 Nov 23
    I’ve had various companies and private individuals clean my home over the years and I have experienced a deep clean like Erena and Anya accomplished in 3 hours. Surfaces that had hard water residue for 4 years are now sparking clean. Ceiling were washed. Light fixtures, walls, etc. etc. I highly recommend Live Clean’s services. I chose them because several previous customers told me how great they were. Thank you ladies!
    Francoise BrahlerFrancoise Brahler
    22:37 09 Nov 23
    Paulene BredesenPaulene Bredesen
    13:13 09 Nov 23
    Michelle MaynardMichelle Maynard
    00:19 09 Nov 23
    Gleb InternovGleb Internov
    15:22 03 Nov 23
    Live Clean Today — Spokane Cleaning Services
    Elaine ParrishElaine Parrish
    14:56 30 Oct 23
    Unexpected quests were on the way, and Live Clean Today's same day cleaning saved the day. Highly recommend their fast and through service.
    Joella LeeJoella Lee
    14:40 30 Oct 23
    The team saved us during move out. They handled the hard-to-reach places and left everything perfectly clean.
    Loriab McnaLoriab Mcna
    12:09 25 Oct 23
    The best maid service by far in the Spokane Valley is Live Clean Today. I love their flexibility and understanding when a need arises to reschedule. Working with their teams has been a breeze! Give them a call, they can even schedule a cleaning same day!
    Maddy WaltersMaddy Walters
    11:34 24 Oct 23
    Malia NelsonMalia Nelson
    16:23 07 Oct 23
    Impressed by the same day cleaning service! It was quick, efficient, and the results were outstanding.

    Comprehensive Office Cleaning Solutions

    When you hire an office cleaning company such as Live Clean Today, you need to know that all your requirements can be met by the same team. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at keeping commercial premises clean and hygienic at all times. Let us take care of all those time-consuming cleaning jobs that need to be done every day, such as dusting, vacuuming, and taking out the trash.

    We can also take care of all your detailed, deep cleaning needs that need to be scheduled fortnightly, monthly, or annually. These more complex office cleaning jobs include floor care, restroom cleaning, window and glass cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, and any specialized jobs such as grease removal in office kitchens.

    Let’s plan the cleaning of your office

    Get a free quote

    Trained and Professional Cleaning Staff

    Our office cleaning services are only ever as good as the people delivering them. That’s why we invest in our employee training and development at every opportunity. We only recruit office cleaning professionals who share our commitment to quality and customer service. And we provide continual refresher training to deliver consistency. Our stringent approach to recruiting involves in-depth vetting and candidate screening, which is how we’re able to deliver such high standards.

    Green Cleaning Practices

    Here at Live Clean Today, we take our environmental and public health responsibilities very seriously. We work hard to minimize our carbon footprint in a number of ways. But that’s not all. We work tirelessly to source eco-friendly cleaning products. This doesn’t just protect the environment, but it also protects people from potentially harmful cleaning chemicals. If you’d like to know more about our commitment to green working practices, please get in touch.

    Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

    The best cleaning services for offices put the client’s needs first. Whether we’re cleaning office buildings or providing one-off services for particularly small offices, we always prioritize customer satisfaction. This approach is why we’re able to deliver such high standards on a consistent basis. If the client isn’t happy, we’re not finished.

    To help us in our quest for maximum customer satisfaction, we have put in place a comprehensive quality control system that leaves nothing to chance. Through spot checks, supervision, employee training, and regular knowledge checks, we maintain the highest quality and service standards at all times. And when things don’t work out as planned (and that rarely happens), we respond to feedback and deliver corrective action as quickly as we can.

    Pricing and Service Packages

    We deliver all our office cleaning services on a custom basis. This means we won’t provide you with a quote until we’ve discussed your requirements and expectations in detail. If possible, we also like to visit the office in person in order to assess issues such as access and on-site challenges. While we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, we create quotes based on factors such as the size of the office, specific cleaning requirements, and the frequency of our visits. For more information or to book an initial consultation, call us today at 509 357 8707.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The price for the office cleaning depends on the size of the place, the degree of pollution, and the types of services. You can contact our manager to get a free estimate and calculate the price.

    Office cleaning includes cleaning in the office rooms, kitchen, and restroom. Dusting of the surfaces, putting things in order, floor cleaning, etc. You can order additional services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, etc.

    Office cleaning is recommended to be done daily or weekly, depending on how many people attend the office. If you have a regular office cleaner, you can order a professional cleaning service for the deep cleaning every month.

    Yes, if office cleaning is scheduled after working hours, it will be even faster because no one will interfere with our maids. You can schedule the cleaning for a time that is comfortable for you.

    Yes, you can choose services that suit your needs. For more ordered services, you can get a nice discount. Contact our manager to learn the details.

    Still have questions? Ask us!

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