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Restaurants have special cleaning needs because of high traffic and high mess areas. It can be a difficult task to supervise the cleanliness of restaurants without the help of restaurant cleaning business providing cleaning services.
Live Clean Today delivers restaurant deep cleaning that includes thorough sanitizing and degreasing of high-volume kitchens, making other areas in your restaurant looking good. With our professional restaurant cleaning services, your guests will have an immaculate dining area and your cooks a sanitized work environment.

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Reasons To Keep Your Restaurant Clean

First impressions

A bad first impression of your unclean restaurant can make clients leave your restaurant without even trying your food.

Respect from employees

If you don’t provide a clean, comfortable working environment for your employees, it can lead to a lack of respect for you and your business.

Health inspections

Unsanitary service areas can lead to hazardous bacteria growth, and it will become a big problem for successful health inspections.

Prevent the spread of infections.

A professional restaurant cleaning and disinfection schedule will help prevent the spread of coronavirus, flu, and norovirus to your staff and customers.

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At Live Clean Today, our restaurant deep cleaning includes cleaning, sanitizing, maintenance, and maintaining a high level of hygiene.


At Live Clean Today, we provide professional restaurant equipment cleaning services to all areas of the catering industry, from small cafes to large-scale restaurants.

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Our restaurant deep cleaning service is charged by the square foot or hour. Exact prices will depend greatly on such factors including:

Location of the restaurant

Specialty cleaning such as carpets, kitchen equipment, or windows

Restaurant size

Number of people needed to clean your restaurant

Our Restaurant Cleaning in Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum, Mead, Fairwood, Spokane Valley and beyond won’t disappoint!

For more information on our restaurant deep cleaning in Spokane or for a free, no-obligations consultation on restaurant janitorial service, contact Live Clean Today at 509-218-3874


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What Types Of Services Our Restaurant Cleaning Company Can Offer You

At Live Clean Today, we offer ongoing cleaning services or one-off cleans. Periodically having a restaurant deep cleaning service for kitchens lead to a high standard of hygiene. Our cleaning company provides daily restaurant deep cleaning in Spokane to keep your level of sanitation under control even on those areas that are less accessible such as lighting, walls, ceilings, kitchen fittings and large pieces of equipment.

The cleaning services restaurant offered by Live Clean Today includes:

Dining Area Cleaning Services

  • Clean chairs, tables, registers and menu order boards
  • Sweep and mop floors and skirting
  • Provide spot cleaning windows
  • Dust picture frames, indoor plants and their containers
  • Full services for deep clean restaurant

Outdoor Cleaning Services

  • Clear grass and plant beds from weeds
  • Sweep and mop outdoor floors
  • Provide spot cleaning production lines such as stuff, steam and wrap stations
  • Clean parking lots and wipe down patio furniture
  • Pick up rubbish from landscaped areas
  • Remove cigarette butts from cigarette urn

Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Steam cleaning
  • Wash and sanitize production line rubbish bins
  • Empty, wipe down, and sanitize refrigerators
  • Sweep and mop floors and skirting
  • Clean condiment and drink station
  • Clean appliances that are used in food production and preparation
  • Clean sinks, stoves, ovens, fryers, grills, slicers, canopy and ranges, shelves, and hot plates
  • Wipe grease and grime from signs and lighting

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Sweep and mop floors and skirting
  • Clean mirrors, stainless steel, and soap dispensers, chrome fixtures
  • Clean bathroom walls, doors, signs, counter tops, and stalls
  • Clean sinks, urinals and toilets, and changing stations

Dumbwaiter Cleaning Services

  • Our restaurant steam cleaning services
  • Sweep and mop floors and skirting
  • Wipe grease and grime off lighting and signs
  • Empty rubbish bins, clean dumpster area, and replace bin liners


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Restaurant Floor Cleaning By Live Clean Today

We’ll give special attention to the most important rooms in your home.

These areas include the following:

We understand that restaurant floor cleaning is not as simple as it sounds. Our customers have to deal with greasy messes, drink spills and food stains at their restaurants.

Your restaurant can have different types of flooring such as sealed concrete in the dining area, carpets in front of the building, wood flooring in the bar, and a kitchen with ceramic tile. You can rely on Live Clean Today, because our restaurant floor cleaner knows how to maintain each type of flooring properly.

The wrong maintenance of your flooring can damage expensive finishes at your restaurant and devastate your reputation. Fortunately, Live Clean Today provides professional restaurant floor cleaning service, using the right equipment, techniques and eco-friendly products to make restaurant floor cleaning fast, safe and cost-efficiently.

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Frequently Asked


Still have questions? Ask us!

01 Why should I choose your company?

We are a local company that cares about the quality of our work, and our reputation in Spokane. Reading Reviews on trusted sources, you can be a hundred percent sure that the residents of our town recommend our cleaners who can clean your restaurant as well. Chain companies cannot guarantee this to you. Their goal is to increase the number of customers. We are interested in the development of your business as well as in the development of our own business.

02 What kind of material and equipment do we use to clean the restaurant?

To clean your restaurant our company uses more than 50 types of equipment such as a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and other materials.

03 What is restaurant deep cleaning?

During deep cleaning our team cleans thoroughly and disinfects those important areas that can be missed out in a regular cleaning. Our customers can assured that our cleaners deep clean your premises creating a dust-free environment for family or employees. Be sure your place will be sparkling and clean!

04 How much does it cost to clean a cafe, bar, restaurant?

The final cost of restaurant cleaning depends on materials we use, the size of your place and whether or not we provide deep cleaning (for this service we use more materials and different equipment).


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Elijah PoulosElijah Poulos
18:28 07 Feb 23
We hired LiveCleanToday for a deep cleaning this weekend and we were incredibly impressed by the service. The team of cleaners were very polite, thorough and cleaned places we hadn’t thought to ask them to clean. Everything was spotless and yes…sparkly. We are going to start them on a regular cleaning schedule because we liked them so much.
Emilie GilmoreEmilie Gilmore
10:03 13 Jan 23
We booked LiveCleanToday for a deep cleaning service for our new condo. It was really dirty and they did an amazing job of getting it move in ready!! Booking was easy and there was excellent communication leading up to the date of the service. We are now going to use the cleaning service once a month. Excellent!
Alexis JohnsonAlexis Johnson
20:38 09 Jan 23
My experience with Live Clean Today was one I can't wait to repeat. The dispatcher is so friendly to speak with, and accommodating. I had two cleaners come for 2 hours. The amount they got accomplished was beyond my expectations! They took the time to not only take care of my main priorities, but tidy as well. When they tidied my kids' beds, they even made sure to collect all of my nine year old's paper book marks, cards, and trinkets which meant the world to her (us!). I scheduled a monthly clean for the fantastic communication, extra care, and the shocking speed of these talented cleaners.
Carson HarveyCarson Harvey
02:06 19 Oct 22
I was late moving out of my apartment and needed it cleaned ASAP! I also had a tight budget to manage. The situation seemed pretty impossible to me. They had a team out to my apartment within 2 hours of my quote and did an absolutely phenomenal job with the number of cleaning hours I wanted them to stay in for my budget. I was expecting to need to do finishing touches because the team said they needed more time to clean than I could afford but no, they made it work while also not lacking in the quality of the job! So happy with their services and would recommend to anyone needing their place cleaned after moving!
Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams
02:44 20 Sep 22
I would recommend their cleaning services to anyone looking for quality work with spectacular detail. Out of all the companies I contacted, they were the first to communicate, provide a detailed list of service options and made every effort to work with my schedule. Although they are more costly than the competition, they communicate well, follow instruction but most importantly listen to my needs. Thank you!


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Restaurant cleaning from Live Clean Today

Cleanliness is one of the key indicators of the level of the restaurant and its success. Every corner of the restaurant or cafe should sparkle with cleanliness, because this is a place where food is prepared, served and eaten, and people come to enjoy the atmosphere. Also there are regular inspector’s checks, including cleanliness of the restaurant hall, restroom and especially kitchen.


Obviously, it is very difficult to maintain perfect cleanliness in a restaurant on your own. A lot of people come every day and there is a real scurry in the kitchen! Also restaurants often work daily and without days off. Therefore, the best option for a restaurant is to order a one-time deep cleaning in a cleaning service. If we talk about restaurants in Spokane, you can order cleaning from Live Clean Today.


We offer a complete general cleaning of the entire restaurant: hall, kitchen, terrace and all utility rooms. It is very important to pay attention to freezers, ovens and vents, because the cleanness of these places affects the quality of food.


Restaurant cleaning involves cleanup of hard-to-reach places, disinfecting surfaces, and tidying up in storage facilities. Our professional workers have experience in restaurant cleaning, so all stages will be completed quickly and efficiently. Our team uses special equipment and environmentally friendly products, so cleaning will be as productive and safe as possible. We will clean the most dirty, greasy surfaces, also ventilation ducts, refrigerators and freezers with the professional equipment easy and fast.


We can also bring the perfect order to the storage facilities and grocery premises, which your employees can tidy up the same way in the future.


And you do not have to worry about the decency of our employees: they are all proven, experienced and intelligent people, since our company has certain standards.


In addition to a one-time deep cleaning, restaurants often order cleaning before and after a large event, for example a wedding. Preparing for a big event will take a lot of time from the restaurant team, so in this case it is better to order high quality cleaning from Live Clean Today. Our team will put the venue in perfect order for the celebration and after we will return everything to its place so the restaurant can return to work as soon as possible.


With a cleaning service, the restaurant will save both time and money! Because your restaurant can work and earn money on the days that you would have spent on general cleaning of the restaurant. Of course, we can set the cleaning to a time that is convenient for you.


If your restaurant has tasty food, great service and perfect cleanliness, it means that this place will be truly successful!

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